10+ Things Lebanese People Say And What They Really Mean

Lebanese people often speak in code.

“Serna waslin”

Translation: “We’re almost there.”

Meaning: “We’re not even close.”


“Rayhin na3moul zyara chi se3a”

Translation: “The visit will last an hour.”

Meaning: Visits in Lebanon last from three hours to a whole day. You’re drinking coffee and next thing you know you’re having dinner.


“Lbeso 3ade”

Translation: “Dress casual.”

Meaning: Always be extra.


“Wosil l salem”

Translation: I’ll tell them you said hi.

Meaning: Nope, you’ll forget about it in one nanosecond.


“Ntebho 3a chou 3am teklo w techrabo”

Translation: Be careful what you eat and drink.

Meaning: Parents tell this to their kids before going to a party. It simply means..

They’re right. Be careful folks.


“3tine l chou esmo”

Translation: “Pass me the thingy.”

Meaning: Nobody knows what the thingy is.


“Seret jehiz/jehze”

Translation: “I’m ready.”

Meaning: We’re never ready.


“Hatto l rakwe”

Translation: “Prepare the coffee pot.”

Meaning: Make coffee because we’re coming over for a visit. People usually say that when visiting on short notice.



Translation: “I’ll see.”

Meaning: Forget about it.


“Extra toum”

Translation: “Extra garlic sauce.”

Meaning: I want to see my sandwich drowning in garlic.


“Fachekhten w btousal(e)”

Translation: “It’s two steps away.”

Meaning: Sometimes it takes you hours to get there. We need to start using the metric system.


“Eh akid men zabbeta chi nhar”

Translation: “Sure, we’ll go out sometime.”

Meaning: LOL it’s never going to happen.


“Mkhaffaf/mkhaffefe akel”

Translation: I’m on a diet.

Meaning: It either means that the person is really on a diet or he/she is politely rejecting to eat something they hate.


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10+ Things Lebanese People Say And What They Really Mean

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