10 Things You Should Plan To Do In Lebanon During The Winter Break


The leaves have officially fallen in Lebanon, and the days have grown shorter. Christmas trees and lights are popping up at every corner, and our short sleeve shirts have been replaced with hoodies and jackets.

As the end of November approaches, the start of winter break will finally arrive.

Here are 10 things you should plan to do in Lebanon during this cozy, well-needed winter break.

Enjoy Lebanon’s nightlife

After three months of nights filled with notes and PowerPoints, it is only appropriate that you spend this winter break enjoying the famous Lebanese nightlife. Head over to some of the best pubs and restaurants this country has to offer and make the best memories.

Go on snow trips

Road trips to Faraya, Kferdebian, or the Cedars of God are essential for a winter break filled with heart-warming memories. Grab a couple of friends and rent a chalet in the frosted mountains, or enjoy a family day filled with skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

Hit the beaches

As crazy as this may sound during this cold weather, Lebanon is truly a country where you can go skiing and swimming on the same day. And if you are brave enough to dare the cool water, why not explore the many beaches lining the country’s coastline, such as Jbeil and Batroun?

Visit A festive Christmas Market

During this festive season, Lebanon is filled with a Christmas spirit that manifests in a form of multiple Christmas markets across the country.

Whether you’re residing in Beirut or Batroun, you are likely to come across the joyful sight of a Christmas market to support local businesses, or even search for the perfect present for your loved ones. In any case, the vibes in these markets are definitely not to miss!

Appreciate the Christmas decorations

No one does Christmas better than the Lebanese. Even during our darkest times, we always manage to fill our streets with gorgeous trees and decorations to bring out the Christmas spirit.

Spending Time At Cafes

Cafes capture and compliment the aesthetic of this winter season. There is no better comfort than spending time in a coffee-aromatic cafe while curling up with your recent read.

Cafes such as Curl Book & Coffee Shop, Barzakh, and Prana – Chilling Space are the perfect refuges during this cold and wet weather.

Visiting Museums

Lebanon is filled with numerous museums where you and a friend can learn about the country’s rich history and culture.

Take a trip to Beit Beirut or the National Museum of Beirut and explore the museums and cultural hubs that honor and appreciate Lebanon’s history, as well as the Pre-historic and Ottoman eras.

Attend the Beirut Chants Music Festival

Beirut Chants Festival

The Christmas season is never complete without music. The Beirut Chants Music Festival is a great opportunity to enjoy some classic music from local and international musicians.

Find a new hobby in the arts

Located in the heart of Badaro, Naive by Emné is the perfect place to unleash your inner artist. The studio offers various classes and workshops on sculpting and painting, allowing you to get your creativity flowing.

For more info, contact 03 741 125

Explore Local Thrift Shops

School and university are out for the time being and a post-winter break glow-up is a must. This means hitting the mall with your friends or stumbling upon the cutest thrift shops to expand your wardrobe for when you get back to school. Who doesn’t love vintage?

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