10 Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Revolution “Depression” in Lebanon

If you’ve been feeling so broken and on the verge of crying all the time, do not worry, you are not the only one. It is the process of making an impact and being part of a change, and everything comes with a price. It is not an easy road, but it definitely gets us to a better shore. Many of us who believe, and have participated, in the Lebanese revolution have been feeling a little upset lately, which is expected. Here are a few things you can do to shake these particular blues away:


#1 Take a day off

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This can be the break of a champion. You have been fighting off for long and a day off will not cause the revolution any harm, but will definitely benefit your mental health.


#2 Read or watch documentaries about old revolutions

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It is very important to realize that the Lebanese revolution is not the first in the history of nations. There are many great examples of revolutions through which people suffered so much and eventually won the war. Looking back at past revolutions and weighing in the similarities and differences help a lot in boosting up our spirits.

Side note: the 1799 French Revolution, which successes we live to date, took a year and 7 months for the demands to be met and achieved.


#3 Hold your own personal seminar/ discussion

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Sharing opinions, perspectives, and point of views not only help in easing up all the complexity we are feeling inside, but also prove to everyone that the revolutionaries are able to sit and discuss different point of views in a civilized way.


#4 Social media detox

This is a technique I have personally tried, and I cannot even describe how peaceful and great it felt. There is so much negativity in these platforms these days that aggravate us easily, and hereby, ruin our day.


#5 Take the time to drink a cup of tea/coffee

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As simple as this might sound, a warm cup of tea/coffee actually helps a lot in your struggle to self-regulate and find your inner peace again.


#6 Listen to revolution songs

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Because we all need a dose of Fayrouz and Ziad Rahbani in the morning, and in the afternoon, and at night, and even whiling sleeping. Especially now!


#7 Reflect and think back

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The only way to move forward is to self-reflect and think back on all the things that happened in order to see the improvements and the achievement achieved so far throughout the revolution.


#8 Volunteer in cleanups

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Over 500 people are waking up every day at 8:00 am to clean up in Riad Solh after a heavy night of protesting. This only shows how aware and responsible Lebanese people are feeling towards their land. Getting active in a constructive initiative boosts your spirit and refreshes your mind on the reasons why the revolution must keep going.


#9 Call Embrace

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I know how hard it can be to confide to a close one, or even express emotions without feeling like you need to explain yourself. Embrace NGO has a great operating team that can walk you through what you are feeling, all while trying to be the listening ear you need. The Embrace Lifeline is just four digits away: 1564.


#10 Watch a movie/series

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There is no shame in watching a couple of episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Friends to help in refueling our natural humor and remind ourselves that there are many joys in our world. It is not an escape of reality as much it is a grounding exercise to ease up anxiety.

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