10 Things You Must Do With Your Friends in Lebanon Before Summer Ends

Summer is all about happiness, colors, fun, and chills. It’s all about laying there with no stress, experiencing new stuff, and ticking off places from your bucket list.  Now that summer is coming to an end in Lebanon, you have to make the best out of it before it waves us goodbye. So, here are some things you might want to experience in the last days of Summer 2019:


#1 Hit The Beach

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Nothing beats laying on the beach with 0 worries. To end the summer with chilling memories, hit the beach the soonest. Lebanon is renowned for its beaches, and they are the top destination for everyone visiting Lebanon in the summer. So, pack up your beach bag and head towards one of Lebanon’s outstanding beaches!

Remember, the spot you enjoy is your responsibility to respect. Keep it clean.


#2 Swim in one of Lebanon’s Hidden Gems

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Swimming in a lake under the waterfalls and even in a river, surrounded by peaceful nature, is not just a de-stressing exercise but an awesome experience, and we have various such places in Lebanon where you can do just that during these last days of summer: Chouwen Lake, Afqa Waterfalls, and Baakline River are among the many other nature’s treasures in Lebanon.

These Edens that grant you such a rewarding experience, treat them with the same love and consideration. Be mindfully responsible.


#3 Discover Some of Lebanon’s Hidden Sites

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Lebanon is a trove of treasures when it comes to spots worth taking the day to visit and explore. Every town of ours has its different characteristics, every mountain has its different scenery, and there are some little-known ancient sites worth getting to know across Lebanon. Now it’s the time to do so, in the warmth of the sunlight, before the rainy season and the winter snow.  Plan a road trip with your friends and explore new places in Lebanon!


#4 Visit Summer-exclusive Places

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When summer arrives, tons of places and restaurants open with summerish vibes and colors. However, many of them close during the winter as they are set outdoors and are summer-exclusive. So, before summer ends, you have to check out the places we’ll soon say goodbye to!


#5 Outdoor movie night

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Enjoy an outdoor movie night while picnicking with your friends and chilling in the warm air. Check the Hippodrome of Beirut and the Garten in Biel for a movie night of your choice, grab some snacks, and join the public in the open (warm) air!


#6 Attend a Festival

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Lebanon is famous for its festivals of all kinds, from music and art to culture and photography, and many are reasonably priced and some free of charge. Summer festivals are a must for each one seeking happiness or to cheer up and take one’s mind from work and duties for a few hours.

There are festivals and events still ongoing in Lebanon and some for a couple of more weeks. Don’t miss them. Check the Beirut Image Festival that has been a hit in various Lebanese cities, and also the Lebanese Independent Film Festival. 


#7 Hiking

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Yes, hiking is best enjoyed during the summer weather, and we still have little time to do so before the weather chills. Lebanon boasts incredible mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests that are just waiting for us to discover and escape in their natural beauty.

Hiking to these places is a marvelous experience that bonds us closer with mother nature. So, grab your things and hike Lebanon’s greeny spaces. This is your guide to hiking in Lebanon. Enjoy it fully, all while being environmentally conscientious.


#8 Paragliding

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It’s not too late to experience the adrenaline rush when paragliding from Ghosta in Kessrwan over the scenic Jounieh bay. If you are still wondering how it feels like to run up a hill, spread your arms, and just fly, check out this wonderful experience with certified professional pilots in Jounieh, like the Paragliding Club Thermique. Remember, if you don’t check it fast, you’ll have to wait for next summer!


#9 Camping

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Camping is a great activity to enjoy with your friends and the best way to live a weekend in the soothing arms of mother nature. Grab your tent and choose a destination you have never been to before, and enjoy sleeping outdoors, campfire evenings, stargazing, and more, away from the noises of the city life and from the internet distracting you from enjoying your physical environment.

Wondering still where to go? Check these Awesome Summer Camping Spots in Lebanon. While there, keep in mind that “we did not inherit these places from our ancestors, we are borrowing them from our children,” as a wise man once said.


#10 Summer activities

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Winter activities are outstanding in Lebanon, but summer activities are even better and we have many you can indulge in around the country. Aside from an enjoyable sailing day or a boat trip, Scuba diving in our Mediterranean sea and discovering our underwater world is a thrilling activity you don’t want to miss before summer ends. If this is new to you, there are many experienced and certified instructors in Lebanon to guide you through. 


Are you on a budget? We got your back! Check these 10+ Ways You Can Enjoy These Last Days of Summer in Lebanon on a Budget.

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