10+ Things You Need to Know When Dating a Lebanese Woman

If you have come across our previous listicle on why you should date a Lebanese woman and you were like: “Yes man, a Lebanese woman is what my life is missing,” we congratulate you for making that spot-on decision.


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Nonetheless, and because it’s not always easy to make her date you or hook her on you, there are a couple of “Don’ts” we recommend you to be mindful and vigilant of on your FIRST DATE.

The below list is a life-saver for when you come to date a Lebanese woman. You might want to take it all in serious consideration so she won’t “suddenly need to leave” the restaurant because one of her relatives has “out of the blue” just landed in town from the US.


#1. Don’t ever tell her she looks different in pictures! 

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Well, we know, as a matter of fact, that we tend to upload and post on social media the most beautiful and attractive pictures of ourselves. Some do actually photoshop their photos to look thinner and flawless, or even more beautiful than they already are.


We truly and alertly urge you not to wear that cat shocked face and tell her that she looks different in her pictures.

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This is a NO NO! If, however, you can’t control yourself then tell her that she looks even more mesmerizing in real life. Bracing yourself and counting to 10 is the key!


#2. Don’t question her real physical features!

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Diving deeper into #1, you are kindly requested to refrain from questioning and examining her physical features. Again, while it’s a YES YES to praise and admire her beauty, it’s ABSOLUTELY forbidden to ask questions like: “Wow, great nails! Are they real? or “Is this your real hair color?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


#3. Don’t talk too much about yourself!

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If any of your friends or family members has, by any rare chance, given you this mistaken piece of advice to get her hooked, then go punch them in the face.


Whilst it’s totally fine to introduce yourself and speak LITTLE about how awesome you are, and what you do and what your interests are – to allow a two-sided conversation –, it’s commonly agreed that he who talks too much about himself will risk the next level.

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As such, abstain from saying things like: “I am the boss”, “I work 24/7”, “My employees love me so much”, “I have been all around the world”, etc. unless you want to bore her to death and never see her again. 


#4. Don’t complain too much, don’t complain at all!

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You’re obviously not the only one with problems on this planet. Everyone, including she, might be grasping at straws, and your first date is CERTAINLY not the perfect timing or place for nagging and complaining.


If you say things like: “I really can’t afford living here anymore!” and “I still haven’t paid my rent,” and “This country sucks, I can’t wait to leave!” (she knows already that, dude!), she will blow the coop, dude!

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Steer away from negativity or she’ll steer away from you!


#5. Don’t mention your VERY long-term plans! 

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Again, we are speaking of your first date, and, by that, we mean that there are certain things that can make her run away. We, of course, don’t ask you to act in hypocrisy, but think about it for a sec, what is the point behind telling her that you have just applied for immigration to Canada? – which we all know that it may take forever – other than freaking her out when we’re particularly speaking of a long-term commitment context? Maybe save this kind of juicy and meaty conversations for later?


#6. Don’t jump to the long-term commitment!

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In line with the above: Showing your maturity, stability and straightforwardness can be rare traits nowadays that many girls would highly appreciate.


However, jumping into conclusion on the very first date may be a bit risky, especially if the girl you’re hanging out with is kind of commitment-phobic.

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To that end, we advise you to go with the flow, test the water and let go a bit. This would also mean refraining from saying things like, “My mom would love to meet you” or “I have spoken too much about you to my family.” 


#7. Don’t show her that you’re a momma’s boy!

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Speaking of which, no girl is actually interested in a momma’s boy. Being good to your mother and showing her affection is a thing, and being her boy is another. This side of you, if it exists, will show the girl you’re dating that you’re emotionally dependent and kind of insecure. Therefore, avoid sayings like, “I need to consult my mom about this,” or “I shall speak to my mother about that.” Worst is when you go on a long description of your mom’s qualities. 


#8. Don’t mention your exes!

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Yes, this one can be a first date killer. No girl on earth is interested in knowing your history with other girls.


In fact, if you speak too much – or even little – about one of your exes and even compare the girl you’re hanging out with to any of your exes, chances are that you won’t hear from her again, because you are messing with her feminine ego and persona.

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Don’t ever say things like, “We were together for 8 years, it’s tough!” and “It took me so long to get over her” which 100% shows that you’re not! The worst you could do, like with your mother’s case, is going on a spree on how great your ex was and looked. Lebanese women don’t take jealousy-incitement lightly.  They simply walk out and you’ll never see them again.


#9. Don’t be a hopeless romantic!

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If you’re, luckily, not the type who would spend the whole first date speaking about one of their exes or their mother, it doesn’t mean you have to stumble upon the girl you are with and be a hopeless romantic from your first date. It will sound too movie-cliché to a Lebanese woman and raise her suspicions on your intention and your value of her intelligence. While she expects due compliments, things like “Your eyes speak to me” and “Where have you been all my life” and “I think I have fallen in love” are no-no!


#10. Don’t try to take her home!

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Oh dear! Regardless of the intentions that you both may have, and we’re not judging any here, it is a bad idea to invite her to your place after your first date. Again, this may freak her out and she may also consider that you’re one of these guys who just want to have some fun or, worst, ruin her reputation! It could also be very insulting to her who would be looking for a decent relationship. (Watch out the slap!)


#11. Don’t act like you’re so “open-minded”!

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Whenever you bring that to the table, it can automatically mean that you’re not! Even if you truly and genuinely are open-minded, you don’t need to talk TOO MUCH about that. Abstain from using the following cliché statements if you want to take things to the next level: “I support women’s rights”, “I don’t mind it if you have male friends.” Really? Thanks, I thought you would!


#12. Don’t show your negative traits!

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In conclusion to the above, and because no one can actually argue against the fact that we all have our own “dark side” or negative traits, the thing is that no one is rushing you to show them all in one go. By that, we mean you to hold your horses and refrain from showing how “economically” jealous or depressed you are; she’s not your therapist after all.