10 Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Tripoli!

If you live in Lebanon, you certainly heard so many times people saying: “I get all my groceries, food supplies, and vegetables from Tripoli” Or “Man, Tripoli is so cheap it’s almost unreal!” Well, YES! It’s absolutely true and real. It’s no wonder why Tripoli, that northern capital of Lebanon, has been called: A Mother to the Poor.


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In this listicle, we’re cleaning the air and therefore giving you plenty of stamps on things you can buy in Tripoli (if you had the chance to visit these places) and that are nearly impossible to find in the other Lebanese cities at the same price!

And with the easy and enjoyable ride from Beirut to Tripoli, you might want to head north soon, for it is well worth the trip. Let’s make a start!


#1. Arabic Coffee-To-Go for 250 LBP ($0.17)!

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If you happen to think that we’re playing a trick on you, then don’t, because guess what? What you have just read is 100% true!


In Tripoli, you can still get that Arabic coffee-to-go aka Arabic coffee dallah or قهوة المصبات; the traditional Arabic coffee pot for 250 LBP.

It’s all that costs you to get that caffeine dose you need; unless you want to have the big sized cup, then you need to pay 500 LBP or 1000 LBP (depending on the place/person that sells it).

So, he who tells you that 250 LBP can’t do anything in Lebanon, has simply never been to Tripoli!


#2. You can take a cab ride for 500 LBP ($0.13)!

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If number one didn’t shock you (in a positive way), this one is blindly guaranteed to blow your mind. Yes, while many people already know that a regular cab trip from one place to another inside Tripoli cost 1000 LBP  -and let’s please appreciate that for a moment as well-, many still have no clue about that hidden cab garage located in Bab Al-Hadeed.


 Bab Al-Hadeed is one of the popular areas in Tripoli located nearby Al Rfai’iyeh downhill and where you can get a cab for 500 LBP from Bab Al-Hadeed all the way up to Qobbeh areas and vice versa. Amazing, no?

#3. Satisfying your stomach for 500 LBP ($0.13)!

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Okay, so if you took your time to grasp and reason the above, you may now be wondering how it’s even possible to eat, satisfy your hunger and be happy, all at once and for 500 LBP only!

It’s no miracle, no wonder, and no trick because it’s the reality. In Tripoli, you can get a Za’atar Manouche and the famous cheese-filled Tripolitan Kaakeh for 500 LBP.

Of course, the price may vary from one place to another, not much though, and at least it is the case in numerous places in the northern capital!


#4. Some salad ingredients for less than 1000 LBP ($0.66)!

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In Tripoli during some seasons, you can get 10 fresh parsley bouquets for 1000 LBP. I have actually taken my mom’s word for that, knowing how skilled she is in doing the groceries in Tripoli. That price is definitely not limited to the parsley. You can also buy way more vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, and so on for 1000 LBP as well!


#5. Having Shisha and Nescafé for almost 6000 LBP ($3.97)!

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Oh God! You must have already fallen in love with Tripoli, haven’t you?


Back to the point now, in Al-Mina seaside, the famous coastal district, there are plenty – and by plenty, we do mean it – of popular coffee shops. Some actually do serve Shisha and Nescafé for around 6000 LBP. 

And guess what? Some of these places have kids playgrounds. Now tell me, how cute is it when you see that everyone, regardless of their financial resources, can still go out, have coffee, play and chillax? I challenge you.

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#6. The meaty, fishy, and chickeny stuff for 4000 LBP ($2.65) or even less!

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If the above Za’atar Manouche or Kaakeh haven’t satisfied your cravings enough, believe it or not, many places in Tripoli, and particularly the snack shops, still sell meat, fish and chicken sandwiches for 4000 LBP and even less depending on the place of course. On a vegetarian note, a Falafel sandwich can cost between 1000 LBP and 1500 LBP ($0.66 and $1)– AMEN TO THAT!


#7. Another feast for around 17.000 LBP ($11.25)!

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Do you still remember when we recommended the Foul, Hummus and Fatteh of Tripoli to you? Of course, you do! We didn’t, however, mention the real and actual cost for that, because we were saving the juicy news for this listicle! So yes, the average bill for ordering Foul, Hummus, and Fatteh can only cost you around 17.000 LBP (it’s even less in specific areas).


#8. Warming yourself for less than 50.000 LBP ($33)!

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Moving to clothe, Tripoli offers a wide range of clothing shops where you can get a decent jacket and a pair of jeans for around 50.000 LBP. Of course, not all of these shops do actually provide good quality, but many others do, and if we’re speaking of used clothes shops, then you can get a branded good quality t-shirt for around 2000 LBP ($1.32). WAIT, WHAAAT?


#9. Furniture below 1.500.000 LBP ($1000)!

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Tripoli has always been known for its excellent handmade furniture and at low cost. A full living room in Tripoli, for example, can cost you around 1.500.000 LBP or even less, depending of course on the quality and branding. A full bedroom can on the other hand cost between 1.000.000 LBP and 1.500.000 LBP!


#10. Self-care for 5000 LBP – 10.000 LBP ($3.30-$6.60)!

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There are too many beauty salons in Tripoli that offer hair brushing for 5000 and 7000 LBP. You can also do a full manicure/pedicure spa for 25.000 LBP ($16.55) and replace your nail polish with another for 5000 LBP ONLY! Do you guys now have what it takes to believe why Tripoli is the Mother to the Poor (and, of course, the rich)? Please, let us know if otherwise!


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