10+ things you’ll relate to if you grew up in Lebanon

Your favorite drink was Bonjus

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It tastes nothing like pineapple, but we absolutely LOVE it. It perfectly pairs with mne2ich and kaak.


This hand gesture means you’re screwed



You had this one room in your house that was just for the guests

Don’t dare step in that room.


You impatiently waited for 3mmo Ka3ek 

It’s summer in the late 90s or early 2000s. You’re playing with your friends in front of your house, and 3ammo Ka3ek shows up. You buy a ka3ek, a Bonjus, and a pink cotton candy. Everything is fine, and you’re the happiest kid in the world.


Learning three languages all at once

It got confusing from time to time, but we got used to it. 


There was only one remedy for any illness

Via Panadol

Whether you have the flue or you just twisted your ankle, take two tablets of panadol, and everything will be alright in just a few minutes. 


Abou Kis freaked the hell out of you

“Eza ma a3adto 3a2lin b2ello la Abou Kis yeje yekhedkoun.” 


MSN was the main social media platform


MSN was so cringe-worthy. We changed the font several times a day and used tons of emoticons in one single message. Do you remember the nudge?


Remember the times when we thought that LBP 1,000 was a fortune?

Those were the days…


The birthday parties in McDonald’s were LIT

The birthdays were SO awesome!


You did your homework in your car because you were stuck in traffic

We learned at a young age to make the best of a bad situation. 


“Are those fireworks or gunshots?”

This is really sad.


You had to take your younger sibling everywhere with you

I never understood why.


Wearing a jacket because your parents feel cold

It’s hot as hell outside, but here you are wearing a turtleneck.