10 Types of Guys You Need to “Unmatch” When Using Tinder in Lebanon

Whether you are a Tinder user or not, you sure have heard about the fuss it has made among the Lebanese community in the past couple of years. Therefore, you really need to be careful about who you swipe right, and get the water tested. Below are 10 types of Lebanese guys we highly recommend to avoid when using Tinder.


#1. The Lazy Bio Writer

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This is the guy who was apparently “forced” to install the app because one of his friends insisted vehemently. He also thinks that with the “Just Ask” thing, girls will be standing in line to interview him. Go get a life bro.


#2. The Gym Guy with Endless Six-Pack Photos

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Just don’t, unless you want him to be your personal trainer. No guy develops six-pack abs to date only one girl. Many of them are pretty much show-off and headache materials. You may as well need to stop binging on Turkish and Indian soap operas if you believe that he can potentially be your future husband.


#3. The One-Chat-Stand Guy

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It’s most probably because he was bored or because his folks called their plans off. He might also be running out of Candy Crush’s or Toy Blast’s lives when he messaged you. Don’t expect to hear from him soon, you may not even hear from him at all.


#4. The App Complainer

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It doesn’t take him more than 2 or 3 messages to start complaining about how slow and battery draining Tinder is. Don’t worry, he won’t be asking you to fix the bugs. He’ll just ask for your number as WhatsApp is way more practical. One of the oldest tricks in the book.


#5. The Silent Right-Swiper

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He installed the app and enjoyed swiping right. Just swiping right. For those who are unfamiliar with the Tinder cell app, swiping right on a photo of someone means you like the person, you think you are a match, and you would consider meeting her/him in real life. In the case of our silent right-swiper, you might wonder why on earth he matched with you if he’s not willing to say a single word to you. He’s maybe just there to build finger muscles from swiping!


#6. The Obsessed Tinderello

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It doesn’t take more than one conversation with him for him to start feeling jealous.  He might highly ask you if you’re Tindering with someone else or even question your disappearance. This type needs to actually get more than one life.


#7. The Coffee Guy

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Even worse than number 4, the guy doesn’t have any time to waste. For him, time is money and money is time. He would just say Hey and invite you out for coffee, probably because he might have simply run out of creamers at home!


#8. The Psychiatrist

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He’s the one who will save you and help you out of your depression, even if you are not diagnosed with it or you have been more cheerful about life than ever. Has he caught a glimpse of nostalgia in your eyes in one of your old photos, or has he mistaken your romantic eyes for depression? Whatever the case, he does insist you need his help. After all, he knows you better than you do. You can’t even dare to tell him otherwise. 


#9. The Stalker

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He has already checked you out even before matching with you. Again, this guy also doesn’t have much time to waste charming you. He might highly call you by your full name when he messages you, or ask you about friends in common! “Hey, where do you know Samir from?”


#10. The Happily Married with Kids 

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Yes. Believe it or not. These guys do exist on Tinder and they post pictures with their wives. They’re already legally, officially, and undisputably committed to someone and probably feeding their kids while swiping right. They may be looking for a fling, a 2nd or maybe a 3rd wife material or even nothing at all! Do we need this kind of drama, girls? Steer away. Swipe left, left, left!


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