10+ Types of Lebanese People You See on Facebook and Instagram

We’re no doubt living in the future where everyone is virtually connected with the world. Speaking of how social media and the internet have changed our lives for the better or for worse has always been a heated, sterile, and endless debate.


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We know that both arguments and counter-arguments can, however, make sense and be valid, which makes the discussion a never-ending one.  For that reason alone, we won’t be covering the pros and cons of social media in this listicle.

Instead, we’re going to definitely tackle the top common Facebook and Instagram Lebanese profiles that we bump into and come across every single day.


#1. The Foodie

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He or she who won’t miss a single chance to show you what she or he is having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as if everybody does actually care. This kind of people’s timeline and stories are indeed all about food, desserts, and drinks.


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There’s literally nothing more annoying than when they write tfaddalo in the caption, inviting whoever happens to see it to join in.

Did they, by any freakish chance, develop a high-tech option where you can lick the screen and have a taste? Please let us know if so.


#2. The In-Country Wanderer

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I mean, okay, we all dig going to new places and exploring the breathtaking Lebanese nature sceneries, but does it necessarily mean that we have to post FULL ALBUMS on our Facebook and Instagram profiles whenever and wherever we go?


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Worse than this, some do actually write a 300-word caption for each picture they post and that it’s not even reflective to their uploaded photos.

Yes, we’re talking about a break-up recovery captions and the such!


#3. The Check-in Freak

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If they’re not a “wanderer”, chances are they’re a “check-in freak.” Whether they’re chillaxing in a café or a restaurant or at the beach, they want to check-in anywhere and everywhere. Some have even their residence on their check-in list. Dude, nobody wants to know when “you’re home sweet home”, d’accord?


#4. The World Traveler

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Why? Why do these people have the urge to inform us and all the global world about every single business and leisure trip they take? Why do they even have to check-in the VIP Lounge (that if they have ever been there)? The most annoying type among them all is the one who publically count the cities and countries they still need to visit; something like: “20 down, 30 to go.” Okay, dude, good to know!


#5. The Drama Type

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This is one of the very most common types actually, believe it or not. The ones who post daily pictures on cheating or it could alternatively be a picture of them (or a check-in as well) at the hospital. Question is, who does actually have the energy and power to take a selfie when in the emergency room? The show-off freaks maybe?


#6. The Morning Type

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Their timeline is full of “good morning” pictures, and even “good evening” ones -now that we are mentioning it- and mostly look all the same. Worse than this, they tend to tag ALL their friends’ list in that type of posts and on a DAILY basis.


#7. The Going-Live Type

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So, if we take a look back at why this “live” feature has been developed, we see that it has been there for a reason; to broadcast some of the MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS that you don’t want anyone to miss. Otherwise, no one does actually care if you’re hosting a party at your place, or if you brought your puppy a birthday cake. 


#8. The Indirect Attacker

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These are the passive-aggressive ones whose all posts underlie an attack or an insinuation towards someone who they never mention and may even be non-existent. Some familiar posts to your eye and ear: “If you think you would break me down, you better think twice, dude!”


#9.  The DJ

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The only thing these fellows actually do is sharing music on their timeline or through their stories. Whether they’re passing through a tough break-up or are the party and clubbing lovers type, they would want to share with you and the global world their playlists, all day all night!


#10. The Open Book

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As if someone from the Facebook or Instagram management team has told them to fill EVERY SINGLE FIELD in their profile, starting with their birthdate, marital status, political and religious views, and all the way to all countries they visited. Question is, does anyone from their followers or friends’ list does actually care about when they got their first tooth or when they spoke their first word? No, no one.


#11. The Mysterious 

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In opposition to the above, we’re now speaking of the ones who don’t show any details about them. They put most of their friends actually on limited profile mode and rarely post pictures of themselves. They use, in fact, fake women/men’s photos from google as if someone is planning on hacking their profile or persecuting them. Kind of paranoid. if you think about it.


#12. The Political Analyst

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Knowing that this is a Lebanese built-in feature and an inherited trait, there are PLENTY of people on Facebook and Instagram who won’t miss a chance to post DISSERTATIONS on their timeline displaying their own “deep” political analysis around a certain event. The worst type among them are actually the ones who “aggressively” fight with their friends in the comments’ section in defense of one of those political leaders.


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