10 ways you can eat like a local in Beirut!

Beirut is home to a rich food scene! City dwellers enjoy trying new things every day: after all, Beirut’s restaurants serve meals from around the globe. 

Keep reading if you want to experience this city’s delicacies as any local would!


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Beirut smells like mne2ich in the morning. People head to the nearest bakery to have a nice man2ouche for breakfast. This Lebanese flatbread has endless possibilities for toppings and flavorings: thyme, cheese, strained yogurt, awarma and eggs, you name it! Order any man2ouche and ask the baker to top it with tomatoes, mint, olives, and cucumbers. It’s the best breakfast you can have!


Foul, balila, and fatteh

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If you have time on your hands, you can have foul, balila, and fatteh for breakfast. I put these dishes in the same category because they pair together perfectly. Foul is a dish that is made of cooked fava beans. It is served with olive oil, spices, garlic, lemon juice, and vegetables! Balila is similar to foul, but it contains chickpeas instead of fava beans. As for fatteh, it’s a pure delicacy. This dish consists of chickpeas that are topped with yogurt, olive oil, and toasted bread. People enjoy eating these dishes for breakfast and dinner.



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We can never talk enough about the heavenly taste of hummus. To make this dish even more special, order it with awarma and hot bread. You’ll thank me later.



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Whether you like it with chicken or meat, we can all agree that this sandwich is DELICIOUS. You can have it for lunch, dinner, or after a night out. If you ordered chicken shawarma, ask for extra garlic sauce. That’s the golden rule.


Hot dog

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Hot dogs are not Lebanese, but hot dogs they are widely consumed in Beirut, especially after a long night of partying and having fun.



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Falafel is a deep-fried patty made of fava beans, chickpeas, or both. You can enjoy it with tarator and vegetables such as tomatoes, mint, parsley, and pickles.


Soujouk and basterma

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If you love spicy food, then make sure to try soujouk and basterma. They are enjoyed with tomatoes, pickles, and 3ayran!


Roasted or grilled chicken

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People all over the world enjoy eating chicken, but are they eating it right? Order it with garlic sauce to make your experience more special.



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This is what I call a nice dessert! If you’re sweet-toothed, then knefe is going to satisfy all your taste buds. This cheese dessert is so sweet that it’ll make your heart melt of happiness. Locals enjoy it in the morning.


Ice cream

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Ice cream makes everyone happy. Try the “ashta” flavor in Beirut; it tastes like heaven!


Pro tip: some of the best bakeries and restaurants do not have pages on social media. So, walk around and explore the city yourself. That’s the best way to find hidden gems.