10+ Ways You Can Contribute to the Revolution If You Can’t Stay on the Streets

The Lebanese revolution has been very active since day one. People demonstrating on the streets are committed to staying put and those at home are being inspired to join them. But despite the critical role demonstrating plays in a revolution, it’s not all just about that.


There are many roles you can play to contribute to the movement other than heading to the streets and participating in protests. After all, many people are unable to do so for various reasons, and they still occupy important positions in and contribute to the revolution, even from home.

Whether you live abroad, work long shifts, have a disability or are unable to protest for any other reason, check out these 10 ways to contribute to the revolution without having to remain on the streets.


#1 Expressing it through art

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“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” ~ Edward Hopper

Your canvas can be your street, your brush can be your voice, and the resulting piece your very own demonstration. When you paint or draw, you make a statement so powerful that your fellow protesters simply cannot replicate with words.

The more layers and depth you add to your art, the more impact your message will have on its receivers. Your work can deeply inspire and motivate your fellow revolutionists to keep going and, as importantly, you will be conveying the revolution messages and stories to the world and to our future generations.


#2 Writing

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“The most heroic word in all languages is REVOLUTION.”  ~ Eugene V. Debs

Sometimes reading a bite-sized quote can turn your worst day around. A single book can have the potential to change your whole perspective on life itself; that is the power of good writing.

When we write with sincerity about a cause for which we are passionate, our words provide profound support for that cause and its advocates. Through our writings, we offer a voice for the oppressed, a push for the hesitant, and solace for the distressed. Besides, you will be participating in writing our current history as it unfurls.


#3. Photography

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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Without seeing what the revolution is all about, its significance and potential are almost completely ruined. Words may arouse doubt, witnesses can lie, but a raw photograph is one of the most reliable sources of information around.

Photography, with its various tools and methods, has been such an essential part of our revolution; showing the true image of the protesters and battling the voices of hate that aim to twist the truth about their movement. It is a significant role as you also go on immortalizing moments of the Revolution.


#4 Donating Money and Equipment

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If you can spare some, why not donate a banknote or two to support the revolution? Even change builds up to handsome sums, so don’t be shy to drop that 750 LBP in the basket; anything is better than an empty basket. Protests need financial support to keep going, especially if they’ve been going for 20 days straight now! Touch base with the groups supplying free food and water, for example. Your help will matter. 

Also, if you have equipment lying around that you don’t need anymore, and could be used in the demonstrations, consider donating them to the protesters. After all, anything and everything you donate is being used for the good of everyone in Lebanon, including yourself.

To contribute, visit: Lebanese Revolution Support Efforts.


#5 Providing Food and Drinks

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Revolutionists also need to eat and drink when they are on sit-in around the clock. When hunger is one of the problems they’re fighting against, it wouldn’t be fair for them to stay hungry doing so. Donation isn’t restricted to cash; you can offer food and drinks for the exhausted protesters.

If you’re at home and are able, why not collaborate with your neighbors and friends, form a small team, and make something for your people on the streets. Show that you appreciate them and that you’re with them all the way, and provide what you can to sustain them hence our common cause.

You don’t have to go all out and cook 10 mansafs. Pastry, juice boxes with muffins, chocolate bars, anything, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can help.


#6 Volunteering

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If you can’t stay with the protesters at all times or contribute with any of the above, why not visit every now and then and help them with some of their activities? Cleaning streets, recycling trash, distributing food and drinks, and other activities are constantly performed by protesters before, during, and after their gatherings. So go offer a helping hand when you can.


#7 Creating Videos

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If you have a knack for creating and editing videos, make revolutionary ones, inspiring and patriotic ones! There is a ton of content on the internet and social media platforms for you to use in your work.

Moreover, If you’re into that, if that is a hobby or a skill of yours, head to the protests and capture significant moments and record them. You can create your own videos with that perfect angle and perspective that you have in mind. Well-made videos can have a profound impact on viewers. So if you want to help the revolution, here’s your chance!

Besides, our people in the diaspora are eager to watch these real-life scenes happening in their homeland.


#8 Creating Memes

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Memes? Really?

Yes, really. We Lebanese love humor even in our most difficult times, so if you’re a skilled memer, help your fellow revolutionists by giving them a good belly laugh. Memes are not just silly jokes. In fact, they have played a significant role in the culture of our revolution and added a much-needed bright perspective to its unfolding events.


#9 Social Media Activism

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Are you a social media junkie and can’t hit the streets for whatever reason? You can still take an active part in this revolution; actually a very important one. What social media has contributed to the Lebanese revolution is utterly priceless. In fact, social media was the factor that erupted the revolution in the first place.

It has been also the window through which our diaspora have remained updated on the events occurring in their homeland, and us on their activities of support. It has also countered significantly the fake news and negative image some locals and the international mainstream have tried to tarnish our revolution with.

Protesters are using social media to plan protest locations, times, rallies, revolution activities, and other information among each other. You can help by further helping circulate the information and news around, and maybe offering your advice and opinions regarding various aspects of the demonstrations.


#10 Vlogging

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Another great way to participate in the revolution is through vlogging. This method of video recording while sharing one’s thoughts and opinions gives audiences a unique and unmatched perspective on the action.

A vlogger in the protests is essentially an amateur news reporter delivering an objective view on its events as they unfold. Through vlogs, you get to see the revolution from the revolutionary’s point of view, which is ultimately the most relevant of all.


#11 Music and Songs

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“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ~ Bono

Lebanon’s revolution has been admired for its commitment to peacefulness, its atmosphere of unity, its expressive arts on the walls, and its music. Listening to patriotic songs promotes peacefulness, gives a sense of belonging, and further strengthens the unity of a protest.

It reminds everyone of the intended path of this revolution and gives those who take it hope that the obstacles on this path will be overcome, eventually. If your hobby or skill involves writing songs or singing, here is your chance to take part.

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