100 Million Liters Of Fuel Will Be Offloaded Today Into Lebanon’s Stations

100 Million Liters Of Fuel Will Be Offloaded Today Into Lebanon’s Stations

The gasoline crisis in Lebanon will be alleviated for at least the next two weeks, George Brax, representative of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners in Lebanon told the National News Agency on Tuesday.

Multiple importing companies are set to start distributing gasoline to the local market today, which will prompt gas stations across the country to open and resume servicing customers, according to Brax.

“In the coming days, we will witness a noticeable improvement and alleviations in the gasoline crisis that go beyond the end of September,” he said.

By Wednesday, he explained, three fuel tankers carrying more than 100 million liters of gasoline will have unloaded, providing the market with more than two weeks of the substance.

With that announcement, Brax urged concerned officials to declare the mechanism that will be adopted to completely lift fuel subsidies.

Such a step would help prevent turmoil and avert “a crisis of another kind” in Lebanon, he said.

A few days ago, the Lebanese Energy Ministry raised the prices of gasoline by about 37%, and the state’s subsidy of diesel fuel was abolished.

The subsidy of gasoline is expected to be lifted as well in the near future, according to a recent statement by the president of Lebanon’s Association of Petroleum Importing Companies.

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