This 106-Year-Old Lebanese Woman Just Beat Coronavirus!

Akhbar Beirut 24

Coronavirus is becoming worse in Lebanon, with the number of cases being on the rise, exceeding 50,000 and more safety measures getting reinforced in many areas around the country, with over 160 towns now under lockdown.

Many are fighting the virus, and while over 400 people have unfortunately lost the battle, others survived. One of those survivors is Alya.

Alya Meghames is a 106-year-old brave woman from Deir Dourit, El-Shouf. She was diagnosed with COVID-19, and her story is inspiring.

Alya has witnessed a lot and survived a lot all throughout her years, but she overcame all the challenges that life threw her way. Her latest victory is beating a sneaky enemy that has the entire world trembling in fear: the coronavirus.

Alya was diagnosed with coronavirus after suffering from various symptoms, including a fever and a dry cough.

She was quarantined at the hospital but, 3 days through her hospitalization, she refused to stay put and away from her house despite all the pain and discomfort. She must be a woman of strong will and personality because her children had to abide by her wish and brought her back home.

This exceptional woman chose to fight her battle and receive her treatment in the comfort of her own home, and it all paid off.

Alya, that Lebanese of strong will, defeated the vicious virus and won the battle. Her recent PCR test came negative!

Alya still has some recovery to do and she still needs to take it easy and rest but she keeps on fighting and getting better and better.

She is now back to doing almost all of her normal everyday activities. She also resumed her needlework.

This amazing woman has become a social media sensation with her heartwarming story, her courageous spirit, and her wide smile.

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