11 Amazing Places To Go Camping In Lebanon This Summer

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Lebanon has many amazing natural features making the country a stunning escape with its gorgeous beaches, glorious mountains, and rich flora and fauna.

With the summer season officially here, there are many places where locals and tourists can enjoy the season’s good vibes.

Here are great camping sites in Lebanon where you and your friends can enjoy an amazing experience and remarkable views!

Joz Tannourine – Tannourine

Joz Tannourine offers an amazing campsite and breakfast by the river, as well as an authentic stone collage immersed in the beautiful nature of Tannourine!

For more info, contact 70 286 086.

Jannati – Qartaba

If you and your friends are planning a great camping trip in Lebanon, all you have to do is head to Jannati in Qartaba where you can enjoy a stunning view and have a great experience to get away from the daily hassle.

Contact 81 477 399 for more info.

Aika Village – Bchetfine

Enjoy a camping getaway in Aika Village, Bchetfine, where you and your loved ones can relax and celebrate a few nights enjoying a great adventure under the stars and by a gorgeous river.

For more details, contact 70 586 667.

The Cliff Camp – Yahchouch

Located in Yahchouch, The Cliff Camp is a beautiful outdoor adventure during the summer season. The place offers a campsite where campers stay in handmade wooden tents and enjoy many activities such as climbing, rappelling, hiking, archery, flying fox, and many more!

For more inquiries, contact 70 281 118.

Cedars Ground Campsite – Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Situated in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, the Cedars Ground Campsite provides a great escape in a communal campsite surrounded by cedar trees.

The campsite also offers tent rentals and outdoor activities. For more info, contact 03 938 187.

Rachana Camping Village – Rachana

Rachana Camping Village offers stunning camping and outdoor picnic area, and a magical campfire where you and your friends can enjoy a getaway in nature.

For more inquiries, contact: 70 993 319 or 71 625 588.

Safi Camp – Jabal Sâfi

Nothing is better than camping above the clouds, so go on a road trip with your loved ones and enjoy a nice camping experience at Safi Camp in Jabal Sâfi.

For more details, contact 71 294 221.

Le Camp – Deir El Haref

Situated in Deir El Haref, Le Camp is a great camping destination for those who want to enjoy a hideaway in nature with their friends and pet!

Le Camp also provides picnic and barbecue areas, ample space where children can play, and private events!

For more information, contact 76 355 677.

Chahtoul Camping – Jouret el Tormoss

Chahtoul Camping is one of the best escapes in nature located in Kesserwan and just 35 kilometers away from Beirut.

For more details, contact 70 302 040.

Plage Des Rois – Byblos

Who says that camping should only be in the mountain? So if you have been wanting to have a great camping experience on the beach, visit Plage Des Rois, a great resort, restaurant, beach bar, kids playground, and camping site along the beach of Byblos!

For more info, contact 71 810 051.

Cheer Up Camping – Bchaeleh

Enjoy camping in the beautiful mountains of Bchaeleh, northern Lebanon, at the Cheer Up Camping.

The view over the Douma village is breathtaking and the nights by the campfire are splendid.

Contact 70 770 225 for more information.

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