11 Free Beaches In Lebanon For A Great Summer Day With Your Friends

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The beach waves and the nice tan season is back in full swing with many now getting ready to rock Lebanon’s shore for the sunny season.

Lebanon has plenty of resorts along its coast and also free public beaches that you can enjoy all summer long with your friends without breaking your wallet and theirs.

Bahsa – Batroun

Hidden in the stunning and historical city of Batroun, the Bahsa beach at the bay is a costless great escape from daily stress. There is a couple of restaurants there to grab a bite during the day. If you chose your spot in front of the Rays restaurant, you can get chairs for free.

Tyre Public Beach

The expansive sandy beach of Tyre is one of the most stunning beaches in Lebanon. It was listed by National Geographic among the best in the Middle East. It is famous for its clear blue water and is considered one of the cleanest in Lebanon.

Byblos Public Beach

The sweet summer breeze is fully infused on Byblos’ public beach. The friendly atmosphere and the stunning blue waters will give you the ultimate summer vibes.

Ramlet Al Bayda Public Beach

A public beach in the Lebanese capital, Ramlet Al Bayda is located along the Corniche of Beirut promenade. This free and majestic beach is a popular destination for a good summer day.

Rabbit Island

The secluded small island on Lebanon’s northern coast, Rabbit Island, constitutes a reserve on its own and provides a unique experience. All you need to reach there is a ferry ride of about 20 minutes from Al Mina, Tripoli.

Tahet El Rih – Anfeh

Lebanon’s stunning “Little Santorini” in Anfeh, northern Lebanon, is a sweet and lovely escape that will give you the Greek vibes with its white and blue docks and small businesses.

Colonel Beach Bar

Batroun’s Colonel Reef (or Colonel Beach Bar) is a lovely place to have a nice swim and sip the restaurant’s tasty beer, surrounded by good music.

For inquiries, contact 03 743 543.

Chekka Public Beach

Located on the northern coast of Lebanon, the Chekka public beach is a nice hangout place for your friends and/or family.

There are also cool resorts and eateries around.

Amchit Public Beach

The public beach in Amchit along the town’s Boulevard is an amazing seaside spot with clean water for a full-on sunny experience.

Don’t forget to share the fun with your friends!

Kfaraabida Beach

The coast along Kfaraabida is a great place for a peaceful and soothing beach experience. The seawater is crystal blue and there are naturally formed caves to discover.

Danys Beach Restaurant

Located in Batroun, Danys Beach Restaurant is a lovely and friendly place suitable for a hangout, and guess what? The place also offers free access to the beach!

You will enjoy the nice cocktails it offers, the lovely setting, and the good summer vibes. For more info, contact 03 929 825.

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