11 Fun Winter Things To Do In Lebanon With Your Loved Ones

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The winter season in Lebanon is as entertaining as the summer season. The country boasts many places where people can have the best time with their loved ones.

From enjoying ski activities, eating by a chimney, having a relaxing time reading a book, or just sipping some good wine, here are fun activities you and your friends can experience this winter!

Get the jolly feeling at a Christmas market

The most joyful season of the year is finally here. It is the time when you can enjoy the ultimate winter feeling, having good fun roaming around the many Christmas markets and Christmas concerts taking place across Lebanon!

Enjoy a fun skiing activity

Lebanon is the perfect winter wonderland offering top ski destinations, where ski lovers can have the best of times enjoying the snowy peaks and well-equipped slopes, as well as the good winter sun!

One of the most popular ski resorts is the Mzaar Ski Resort, which offers many activities., You can ride on hundreds of miles of trails while enjoying various activities, including snowshoeing, ski de randonées, Skidoo, and zipline.

For more info, contact 03 771 211.

Have a fun time tasting exquisite wine

There are many things to do in the Bekaa region during the winter season, as the area boasts many renowned wineries.

So if you are a wine lover, you can visit Chateau Ksara, one of Lebanon’s oldest wineries, established in 1857.

The winery is open for drinks every day from 10 am to 5 pm. For more info, contact 01 488 054 or 08 801 662.

Have a nice staycation amid the snow

You and your friends or partner can have a lovely staycation surrounded by the snow. Many of the guesthouses in Lebanon offer amazing winter views, a relaxing stay, and an alpine experience.

Among them is Le Montagnou in Ouyoun El Simane, which you may contact on 03 341 441 for more info.

Have a romantic dinner by a chimney

Nothing is more romantic than spending a rainy day on a date with your partner, listening to the rainfall while cuddling up by the fireplace at any of the many cozy places across the country, such as Les Caves in Roum, Jezzine District.

The restaurant serves authentic Lebanese food with a homey decor. Contact 07 810 292 for more info.

Hiking in Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

Nature lovers can still enjoy Lebanon’s many hiking trails during winter, walking through Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve on the beautiful slopes of the Barouk and Niha mountains.

The reserve is one of the largest nature reserves in Shouf and is home to 32 species of wild and rare mammals.

Have some good Italian food

Lebanon is home to numerous Italian restaurants scattered across the country and offering succulent Italian food, ranging from sizzling pizzas to delicious pasta, risotto, and good wine.

You can visit Sapori E Vini in Byblos to taste authentic Italian fresh-made dishes with your loved ones. For more info, contact 70 034 343.

Drink all night and cheer to life with your friends

Nothing beats Beirut’s nightlife with its wild night-out clubs, bars, and pubs. The city is also home to lovely bars, where people can have tasty alcoholic cocktails and have a fun time with their friends!

If you want to have a nice time immersing in the good old days, you can go to Li Beirut, a pub where you can have the best drinks inspired by the Lebanese taste.

Contact: 70 151 328.

Curl up with a good book and coffee

There are several interesting coffee shops in Lebanon offering a safe and chill haven for book lovers, including Aaliya’s Books.

Situated in the heart of Gemmayze, the place is an English-language independent bookshop and literary bar and cafe, which also sells both new and used books.

For more information, contact 01 566 375.

Go on a winter road trip to Falougha

Pick up your friends, jam to good music, and go on fun and snowy road trips across Lebanon. One of the best villages you can visit this season is Falougha, a winter wonderland located in the Baabda District that offers a breathtaking view over the white horizon!

Fill your sugar craving with some good desserts

Ease the cold feeling while filling your sugar cravings with the best Lebanese sweets and delicious French pastries.

Lebanon boasts several dessert spots serving exquisite sweet food, from chocolate sweets and ice creams to crepes and other international sweets!

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