11 Gov’t Hospitals Across Lebanon Will Now Be Able to Treat Coronavirus Patients

Via Reuters

The Coronavirus that has infected 66 people and killed 3 so far in Lebanon has caused widespread panic across the nation because there are few hospitals that are well-equipped enough to treat patients with the virus and the Rafiq Al-Hariri Hospital suffers from outdated equipment and unpaid employees.

This announcement, therefore, should come as good news. MP Issam Araji announced to MTV that 9 government hospitals are being equipped by the World Bank and 2 others will be used as a backup.

Rafik Hariri University Hospital

He also promises that hospitals in all districts will be able to treat patients with the virus.

As a precaution, there are a set of symptoms that the WHO recommends that you should watch out for: Fever (in 88% of cases); Dry cough (68%); Fatigue (38%); Sputum/Phlegm production (33%).

The CDC recommends that people wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if that’s not available.

WHO says to only use face masks if sick or caring for someone who is.

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