11 Picnic Places In Lebanon Where You Can Have A Great Time This Season

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Lebanon is a nature wonderland encapsulating a gorgeous coast, green valleys, and breathtaking mountains.

During the summer season, while nature is in full bloom, many seek the outdoors to enjoy the good weather and fun activities, like hiking, camping, enjoying a Sunday BBQ in the open air, or a relaxing and fun picnic with family or friends in nature.

Picnics, in particular, are a lot of fun in Lebanon and come also with a pack of health, mental, and social benefits.

In addition to affording you a good dose of fresh air and some free vitamin D, it is a great opportunity to bond with your family and friends, and give some enjoyable freedom to the kids.

It also boosts your healthy mood as you let go of stress and enjoy a healthy meal in the arms of Mother Nature.

Here are some great places in Lebanon where you can get all that!

Picnic Land – Arsoun

Picnic Land in Arsoun is a lovely place to have an outdoor picnic with your family and friends, as well as organize birthdays, barbecues, and more!

For more info, contact 03 514 153.

The Pine Yards – Mar Moussa

Located in the Mar Moussa Village, The Pine Yards serves as a picnic zone, camping site, and a place where your kids will enjoy the many activities offered in a beautiful setting.

For more inquiries, contact 03 281 629.

Ras Maska Gardens – Koura

Ras Maska Gardens is a picnic area where you can have a pleasant time with your loved one, a venue for events, and an organic farm situated in Northern Lebanon.

For more information, contact 79 170 470.

Swings Camp – Zaraoun

Located in Zaraoun, El-Matn, Swings Camp is a lovely picnic place, camping site, activity park, kids playarea, and cafeteria where you and your friends can enjoy a full day of BBQing and having fun!

For more details, contact 03 796 648.

Ray’s Adventure – Baabda

Nestled among gorgeous pine trees, Ray’s Adventure offers bungalows, a camping site, a restaurant, and a picnic area. It is one of those lovely places in nature where you and your family – adults and kids alike – can get to enjoy many activities.

For more inquiries, contact 76 383 333.

La Bohème – Mar Moussa

La Bohème is a beautiful getaway amid a pine tree forest offering activities for all ages and a nice place where you can spend a fun Sunday picnic with your family.

Contact 03 411 647 for more info.

The Pines – Kfarhazir

Located in Kfarhazir, The Pines is a lovely event venue situated in the middle of the Koura olive terrains.

The place offers an event venue, private parties, a picnic and chill area, and a camping site where you can enjoy the fun ambiance with your family or friends!

For more information, contact 03 565 142.

Arsoun Village – Arsoun

Situated just 30 minutes from Beirut, Arsoun Village is a forest adventure park where you and your kids can enjoy a nice picnic or a fun camp, as well as many outdoor activities, or just chill surrounded by nature!

For more inquiries, you can contact 71 226 111 or 71 228 111.

Picnic by Loris – Broummana

For a fancier “picnic” experience where your meal is served to you in a charming setting, all you have to do is go to Picnic by Loris in Broumana.

For more info, contact 71 555 174.

Jalset el Mazarib – Mazarib

Jalset El Mazarib is a picnic spot by a river located in the Mazarib village in the Byblos District.

In addition to enjoying a happy picnic time with your loved ones and relaxing, you can also visit the gorgeous nearby landmarks, such as the Afqa Grotto, the Yanouh Maronite patriarchate, and Saydet Al Habes church in Akoura.

For more details, contact 03 198 721.

Any public space you deem suitable

If you don’t want to spend a sum of money to enjoy a family picnic, or you just aim for a romantic picnic date, you can easily do so at Lebanon’s many public beaches, stunning forests, rivers and lakes, and even parks.

That’s Lebanon after all and awesome spots don’t lack across the country.

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