11 Reasons To Visit Akoura, Lebanon This Summer

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Tucked within the protection of a surrounding mountain chain, the village of Akoura in the Byblos District is just shy of 70 kilometers from Beirut and is definitely worth visiting this summer. Here’s why:

#1 It is gorgeous!

First and foremost, Akoura is gorgeous beyond measure with its spectacular view of scattered irrigation ponds and the mountain range surrounding it. 

#2 To discover Roueiss Grotto

You may have visited the amazing yet touristy Jeita Grotto, but have you been to this one in Akoura? The Roueiss Grotto is the third largest cave discovered in Lebanon, formed solely by the action of water.

#3 To take a dip in the Akoura river

Akoura is easily one of the best swimming destinations in Lebanon. The village has countless water sources, including the Roueiss source. Notably, the name “Akoura” is Syriac for “the cold spring” or “the cold fountain”. 

#4 For the adventure!

Akoura is a famous destination for hikers and campers. Hiking groups typically organize hikes to or through Akoura and many people take to the mountain village for camping under the stars.

#5 For a memorable stargazing experience!

Speaking of stars, if you’re an astronomy lover, you’ll want to spend the night in Akoura. Free from the city lights, the sky above the village is fascinating to watch. 

#6 It is one of the oldest Maronite Christian villages in Lebanon! 

Christianity flourished in Akoura in the 4th century. The village alone is home to 42 churches!

#7 It is home to one of the oldest existing churches in Lebanon

The carved stone Saint Peter and Paul church is one of the oldest churches in the world. It was converted from a tomb place to a church in the 4th century. 

#8 To get to the top of Saydet El-Habes 

Located on top of a hill, the Saydet El-Habes church offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire village.

#9 It is the third-largest town in the Byblos District

Visiting Akoura gives you the chance to dive deep into the Byblos District. Akoura ranks 3rd after the Byblos (the district capital) and Qartaba. 

#10 For its famous apples!

Akoura is famous for its apple harvest.

#11 For the unbelievable sunsets!

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