11 Things To Do In Anfeh To Enjoy The Good Lebanese Summer Vibes

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During the summer season, Lebanon is transformed into a vibrant destination that both Lebanese and tourists enjoy.

Along the many coastal cities that attract people is the northern coastal city of Anfeh, located about 65 km from Beirut.

It’s a beautiful Lebanese gem that dates back to the Phoenician era, rich in beauty, religion, and history.

Here are things to do in Anfeh to enjoy the Lebanese summer vibes with your friends!

Spend a day at Tahet El Rih

Tahet el Rih beach is often described as “little Santorini” with its small white and turquoise cabins and balconies overlooking the sea.

The place also offers many places to eat, chill, and swim on the free-of-charge crystal clear beach.

For more inquiries, contact 70 788 117.

Have a delicious seafood lunch

There are many seafood restaurants in Anfeh, including Chez Fouad restaurant, which serves food in a friendly ambiance by the sea.

For reservations, you can contact 70 830 117.

Stay at the Iskandar Guesthouse

You can spend the night in Anfeh at the Iskandar Guesthouse. The guesthouse overlooks the salines, windmills, and the bleu sea of Anfeh.

For more inquiries, contact 71 896 183.

Enjoy the many watersports activities

If you and your loved ones want to spend a few hours having fun in the sea, you can enjoy many watersports activities, including diving, kayaking, and more!

Contact 70 788 117 for more information.

Visit the gorgeous Saint Catherine Church

Anfeh’s Saint Catherine Church is one of the two remaining churches from the first-Crusades period.

The church was built with limestone on the eastern side of the sea. The cathedral is also rectangular and has a single nave with a large window.

Roam through the Citadel of Anfeh

Located on a 400 meters-long peninsula, known as “Raas Anfeh,” the Citadel is the main remnants of the Crusaders and is reflected in a rock-cut trench.

It boasts many historical things, such as old graves, mosaic pieces, and salt pans.

The Citadel was first destroyed by the Mamluks, rebuilt, and later attacked several times throughout history.

Check out the salines along Anfeh’s coast

Anfeh has a stunning view over the town’s salines, which are built on rocky beaches. The salines have great importance, as they promote Anfeh’s economy.

Spend a great time discovering the Deir El Natour Monastery

The Monastery of Saydet El Natour, also known as Notre Dame of the Watchman, was also built during the Crusaders period.

The monastery’s church also has an amazing interior that will take you back in time with its neat Byzantine paintings.

Stroll through Saydet el Kharayeb

Saydet el Kharayeb is a hidden gem amid olive orchards. It is characterized by white-decorated outside walls and gorgeous wall paintings, which makes the church a must-visit landmark in Anfeh.

Catch the sunset at AMBI

Open from Tuesday until Sunday, AMBI is a rooftop bar and grill in Anfeh, serving as a good place to hang out with a panoramic view and chill ambiance.

For more info, contact 81 278 338.

Discover Anfeh’s Phoenician castle

Being one of the main remnants of Phoenician presence, Anfeh is one of the oldest inhabited Phoenician towns in Lebanon, thus it has many Phoenician staples that people have to visit to enjoy the town’s history.

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