11 types of people you’re guaranteed to meet at Beirut Airport!

Beirut Airport is all fun and games until you do not have access to the free WiFi anymore. The best way to kill time is by observing people around you. Trust me; it’s very entertaining.

The ones who are buying everything from the Duty Free

Basically, they are buying the latest smartphones, laptops, and cameras. Also, there’s always this cool mom who is buying tons of makeup for her daughter. Every day is Christmas in the Duty-Free.

The ones who are enjoying the free WiFi… while it lasts

Good things do not always last.

The influencers

They need to make sure everybody knows where they are going, what airline they’re using, and what they are wearing. They are often seen conducting a photoshoot for their dish. Of course, you need to tap for the details to know more about their outfit on Instagram.

The ones who are buying Lebanese sweets for their relatives abroad

The best people are those who travel to Lebanon and come back with a suitcase loaded with Lebanese sweets! Not all heroes wear capes after all!

The ones who are lost

All of us have been lost while trying to find the right gate at least once!

The ones who can afford airport food

They do not bat an eyelash while paying 4,000 LBP for a small bottle of water.

The fancy ones that are sitting in the VIP lounge 

They post more than ten pictures on Instagram with the location “VIP Cedar Lounge.”

The ones who are carrying a mouné

Lebanese expats cannot leave Lebanon without a huge mouné. That’s why they came in the first place. From mloukhiyé to shawarma spices, they are carrying the ultimate Lebanese food starter pack.

The ones who are late

Blame the traffic.

The ones who have wasta

Everything is easier for them. They receive their luggage first and they don’t pay for extra weight. La vie en rose.

The ones who are carrying a gigantic luggage

These people carry their entire closet and wonder why their baggage excesses the weight limits.