11 Magical Waterfalls In Lebanon You Should Visit Before The Fall Season Ends

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Boasting a blooming flora and fauna in spring, beautiful summer days, wonderful winters, and colorful Autumn, Lebanon’s nature offers a nice escape all seasons long.

The main feature of Lebanon’s rich biodiversity is seen through its magical and flowing waterfalls scattered across Lebanon.

Here are some of Lebanon’s most captivating waterfalls you should visit with your friends before the fall season ends!


Located in the Byblos Governate, Afqa is a stunning village situated at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level.

When visiting the village, people can get to experience Lebanon’s stunning nature through the waterfall that goes into Nahr Ibrahim, which bursts out from a large limestone cave and integrates into Lake Yammoune.

The ancient Lebanese used to believe that the water flowing from Afqa’s waterfall represents the fertile god of Adon, which emerges from the depths of the Grotto of Elle, and the Ashtoreth goddess, the Phoenician goddess of love, war, and hunting.

Balou Balaa

Located in Tannourine, the Balou Balaa – Balaa sinkhole – waterfalls are famous worldwide as it was featured by the Guardian among the World’s Best Waterfalls.

This picturesque waterfall drops 255 meters into the Balaa Pothole, a cave of limestone formed of three bridges layers above one another.


Situated in the Kesserwan District, the village of Yahchouch is part of UNESCO’s Network of Biosphere Reserves, as it is home to the wonderful Jabal Moussa Nature Reserve.

The village’s wonderful and glorious waterfall is located in the valley of Nahr-Ibrahim, where people can hike on one of its many surrounding trails.


Jahliyeh is a lovely village in the Chouf District located 35 km southeast of Beirut and bordered by several villages and is characterized by a stunning landscape, a charming blue river, and lake, and a glorious waterfall.


Neighboring the breathtaking village of Douma, the Kfarhelda waterfall is one of the strongest in Lebanon as it is featured with its tall height, picturesque sight, and surreal greenery that will transport you to paradise!


Go on a fun road trip with your friends and head to Akoura, a mountainous village in the Byblos District situated at an average elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level.

The village is also home to wonderful scenery and a mesmerizing waterfall all year long.


Bkarzla, also known as Bakarzala or Boukarzala, is one of Lebanon’s hidden gems located in the district of Akkar, North of Lebanon.

The village is known for its waterfall, which represents mesmerizing sight to see of its heavy flow, clean waters, and peaceful atmosphere.


Also known as Kadisha Valley, Wadi Qannoubine is a stunning valley lying between Bcharre and Zgharta.

This valley is a must-visit as it holds a significant history, as it has sheltered the Lebanese Christian communities throughout centuries.

Other than hosting gorgeous monasteries, and being an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wadi Qannoubine also boasts a wonder waterfall surging into the valley!

Ain Qaniye 

Located in Mount Lebanon, Ain Qaniye is also one of Lebanon’s many hidden gems characterized by spectacular greenery and a waterfall gushing in a magnificent scene!


The town of Jezzine, Southern Lebanon, is an astonishing touristic and natural area to visit to see its beautiful pine forests, vineyards, and many monasteries.

Among its many landmarks, Jezzine is home to the world’s fifth tallest waterfall. This high and stunning waterfall is a must-visit with your loved ones!


Situated in Shouf, Baakline is an attractive village overlooking Deir El Qamar. The village is mostly known for its vibrant, calm, and green waterfall, a scene only seen in fantastic paintings.

While visiting the village, you can also dine beside its waterfall, enjoy hiking trails, and visit the Baakline National Library.

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