111 Thieves Arrested So Far In Areas Affected By The Beirut Explosion

Reuters/Hannah McKay

The Beirut blast has brought so much suffering into the Lebanese people’s lives. The explosion also robbed the citizens from their ease of mind.

In addition to experiencing a horrific disaster, losing their homes, businesses, and even vehicles, they now also have to worry about what is left of their belongings getting stolen.

The reality of the situation is that people living in areas affected by the explosion are now vulnerable to such acts of theft. In the first few days following the incident, the Internal Security Forces arrested 12 individuals attempting to rob the destroyed houses.

Investigation Into Explosion in Beirut Port Supposedly 'Completed
AP/Hassan Ammar

Also recently, police arrested thieves driving a truck loaded with stolen materials and another person stealing from inside blast-struck cars.

Security measures at the entrances of affected areas in Beirut such as Achrafieh, Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael, and central Beirut were reinforced.

The ISF indicated that they have so far arrested 111 individuals on suspicion of robbery and that they are continuing with their measures to maintain security and order in those areas.

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