12 Cafes In Lebanon You Must Visit If You Are A Book Lover

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Reading books is known for having scientifically proven benefits, including improving brain connectivity, reducing stress, fighting depression symptoms, and even helping in preventing cognitive decline.

That’s in addition to the wealth of knowledge and inspiration, and the soothing virtual escape from the stress and worries.

Lebanese people are known for their love of knowledge and reading, and many seek these getaway moments in coffee shops where bookworms enjoy reading for hours on end while enjoying coffee in a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are some of these good coffee shops if you are looking for such a pleasant escape.

Concierge – Badaro

Located in the heart of Badaro, Concierge is a lovely cafe where you can read your fave book while sipping on good coffee surrounded by a friendly atmosphere.

Contact 81 309 123 for more info.

Curl Book & Coffee Shop – Badaro

Also situated in Badaro, Curl Book & Coffee Shop is a book and coffee shop selling English books for Adults and serving as an in-store cafe. It offers a wide variety of coffee and other drinks as well as pastries.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm, Sunday Closed.

You can contact 81 021 653 for more info.

B.Hive – Hamra

If you are a book lover, you can head to B.Hive, a lovely coffee shop, library, and garden in Hamra.

For more info, contact 01 355 351.

GRID – Zaitunay Bay and Beirut Souks

Take your friends and go to GRID, a trendy and self-service cafe in Beirut where you can enjoy hours of reading while sipping on tasty caffeinated drinks surrounded by friendly people.

The cafe opens from 8 am until 11 pm.

Contact 01 988 903 for more information.

Warche 13 – Tripoli

If you live in Tripoli and looking for a lovely place to read while having a nice cup of coffee, visit Warche 13, a cultural bistro, cafe, bar, and space for art and music events located in Al Mina.

For inquiries, contact 03 467 795.

Barzakh Bookshop – Hamra

Situated in Hamra, Barzakh is a bookshop of used books and a cafe, providing a quiet and cozy escape during the day and many cultural events in the evening, such as readings, screenings, and performances.

Barzakh Bookshop opens from 9 am until 10 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

You can contact 78 909 472 for more info.

Aaliya’s Books – Gemmayze

Aaliya’s Books is one of Gemmayze’s English-language independent bookshops and literary bar and cafe where bookworms can read for hours on end.

The bookshop also sells both new and used books. For more information, you can contact 01 566 375.

BEYt Garden Café – Mar Mikhael

Nothing is better than taking one of your fave books and reading it surrounded by greenery. Located in the heart of Mar Mikhael, the BEYt Garden Café is a garden and cultural space where you can do just that.

The place opens daily from 9 am until 11 pm.

Kalei Coffee Co. – Mar Mikhael and Ras Beirut

Kalei Coffee Co. sources, roasts, and brews sustainable and high-quality coffee in a friendly place, especially suitable for book lovers looking for a quiet place to read.

Located in Mar Mikhael and Ras Beirut, you can contact 03 780 342 for more info.

Riwaq Beirut – Mar Mikhael

Riwaq Beirut is a library, cafe, bar, and restaurant where people, especially bookworms, can enjoy their time reading a book, sip a good cup of coffee, and chat with like-minded people around breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Contact 81 715 656 for more info.

Cafe Younes – Various Locations

If you are looking for a place to read, study, and hang out with your friends, you can do so at Cafe Younes, a roasting and brewing artisanal cafe shop since 1935.

The cafe is located in Hamra, AUBMC, ACC, Sodeco, Ashrafieh, Aley, BDD, Badaro, and Batroun. For more info, contact 01 750 975.

Urbanista – Beirut

Urbanista is a nice place for bookworms to enjoy breakfasts, desserts, fresh juices, and coffee in a calm setting.

For more info, contact 01 567 811.

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