12 Amazing Camping Sites In Lebanon Where You Can Sleep In Nature

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Lebanon’s never-ending supply of natural wonders and beauty is truly mind-blowing. Sometimes you get so attached to one of these places that you don’t want to leave, and what better solution than to spend the night there?

Also, experiencing these natural beauties at night is a completely different experience. You’ll see another side of the locations. You’ll see the stars and the moon, and the overall vibe of nighttime in nature.

Here are 12 camping sites in Lebanon for you to enjoy such an experience:

The Cliff Camp in Jabal Moussa

From the top of the Jabal Moussa Reserve, spend the night camping alongside friends or family. You can take a dive in the pool overlooking the breathtaking view of Jbeil and Jounieh.

Drinks are also served at the Cliff Camp, where you can gather around the bar and meet new people staying at the camp.

For more information, contact 70 281 118

Cedars Ground Campsite in Ain Zhalta

This is where you’ll experience the true outdoors. Spending the night in a tent, you’ll hear the unique sounds of nature and smell its different aromas.

Yoga classes overlooking a beautiful view are also a plus. And in the middle of the night, you’ll get to stargaze using their own telescopes.

For more information, please contact 03 938187

Swings Camp in Zaraoun Metn

Swings is a one of a kind experience in Lebanon. All the outdoor fun is concentrated in this place. Besides staying the night in a tent, you can enjoy archery, tree climbing, 360 swings, Rodeo, Biking, Slingshots. and so much more.

There are also restaurants there with a variety of foods.

For more information, contact 03796648

Koura Camping

This hidden gem in the Koura governate is ideal for a chill night. Besides sleeping in a tent, you can enjoy a nice swim in their pool overlooking the sea. You can make campfires, lie on hammocks, and tan.

For more information, contact 03999209.

Aisha Camp in Miziara

Aisha Camp is a great spot in Miziara in Northern Lebanon. After having a chill night drinking, eating, and singing with friends or family, you can spend the night in the available tents. When the party dies down, you can quietly stargaze, taking in the grandeur of this world.

For more info, contact 81005007.

The Hideout in Hammana

Nestled in a forest in Hammana, is the Hideout, where you’ll take a breath of fresh air away from the business of the city. Besides tents, they have hammocks, wooden couches, and barbeques for you to enjoy your stay.

For more information, please contact 71 004 788.

Pine Straw in Douma

At Pine Straw in Douma, the vibes are very chill. Gather around the firepit with your friends, meet new people, and enjoy the moon and stars above you. Spend the night in colorful tents and wake up with the unique soothing smell of nature.

Pine Straw offers drinks, food, and the occasional guest singer.

For more information, contact 76544318.

Camping Bel Tabi3a in Bzebdine

Spend the night at this beautiful location, where you can have lunch/dinner at the restaurant, enjoy some hikes with friends, and have barbeques and s’mores…

Oaktown in Lehfed

Lehfed is a very popular camping spot in Lebanon because of its beautiful forests and views. Setting up a tent under the tress and getting glimpses of stars is a great way to spend the night.

At this pet-friendly location, you can have picnics, have a bonfire, and enjoy some drinks.

For more info, contact 71 616 805.

Chahtoul Camping

Overlooking a mesmerizing view of Kesserwan, Chahtoul Camp is surrounded by trees, where you can spot different kinds of birds, flowers, and plants.

For more info, contact 70 30 20 40

Le Camp Falougha

You can choose to stay the night in a tipi or tent at Le Camp. You can enjoy many outdoor activities at this place as well as celebrate precious moments with friends and family.

For more information, contact 76 355 677.

Old McDonald Farm Ehmej

This camping spot is the quietest of all of the above. You really do feel secluded from the business of the world while enjoying a night under the stars.

For more info, contact 76 788 844.

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