A Photographic Journey: 12 Captivating Ways to See Lebanon’s Independence

Independence Day

Lebanon’s Independence Day, a beacon of national pride, offers a myriad of opportunities to witness and capture the country’s essence. Here are 12 unique ways to experience and photograph this significant day:

1. Martyrs’ Square, Beirut

This historic site, often adorned with Lebanese flags and vibrant displays, serves as a central point of celebration. Capture the fervor of parades and public gatherings against a backdrop of iconic architecture.

2. Military Parades

Document the precision and discipline of the Lebanese Armed Forces in their ceremonial displays. The blend of military tradition with modern prowess offers a dynamic photographic subject.

3. Local Festivities in Villages

Venture into the heartland to observe local customs. Each village’s unique way of celebrating, from traditional dances to special decorations, provides a rich palette for photography.

4. Historic Landmarks

Explore sites like Beiteddine Palace or Byblos. These locations, steeped in history, are often illuminated or decorated for Independence Day, offering a blend of the ancient and the patriotic.

5. A Look Over Raouché

The dramatic cliffs and the famed Pigeon Rocks form an epic canvas to capture Beirut, a must-capture spectacle.

6. Street Portraits

The diverse faces of Lebanon, dressed in traditional or patriotic attire, tell a story of unity and pride. Candid shots of people in celebration can be particularly evocative, as well as different types of street art.

7. Lebanese Cuisine

Indulge in and photograph the rich array of Lebanese dishes served during festivities. Food is a central part of any celebration and reflects cultural heritage.

8. The Beirut Waterfront

The Mediterranean Sea serves as a stunning backdrop for Independence Day celebrations. Capture the contrast of serene waters against lively people along the Corniche.

9. Art Installations


Lebanese artists often create themed installations in public spaces. These works reflect the nation’s creativity and resilience, providing compelling subjects for photographers.

10. Children’s Celebrations

Schools and communities organize events for children, featuring performances and patriotic attire. These candid moments of joy and pride offer a heartwarming perspective.

11. Speeches

The Lebanese Army

These events are often charged with emotion and nationalistic spirit, capturing the essence of Lebanon’s political landscape.

12. Lebanese Expatriate Gatherings

Yara El Murr; NYC News Service

In cities around the world, Lebanese expatriates gather to celebrate. These global celebrations show the far-reaching influence of Lebanese culture and the unifying power of national pride.

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