12 Day Trips In Lebanon You Must Take With Your Friends This Summer

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O Lebanon, a heaven on earth! The country has amazing natural wonders and historical sites, from North to South. and coast to mountains.

Summers in Lebanon do not have to be all about beach days and socializing over drinks on rooftops. There are great things to do in the country during summers, including taking a fun day trip of discovery of Lebanon’s stunning villages and towns, and landmarks.

Day trips in particular are a must to do during summer in Lebanon, a wonderland with mesmerizing spots you shouldn’t miss out on.

So, if you are up to embarking on a day of fun and discovery, here are some great suggestions for you to start planning!

Kfarhelda Waterfalls

Escape the daily hustle of Beirut, and enjoy a nice day trip to the breathtaking Kfarhelda waterfalls. Kfarhelda is one of the best destinations to visit in the Batroun District.


Located in Mount Lebanon, Falougha is a peaceful and serene village where you can enjoy a pleasant day filled with adventure, from admiring its nature and its traditional red-tiled Lebanese houses to hiking.


If you haven’t yet visited Tripoli before, get in the car and drive away from Beirut to the Northern capital of Lebanon, home to striving historical sites and amazing architecture.

You can get to experience the city’s old souks, its amazing seaside (Al Mina), a boat trip to the Rabbit Island, and the Tripolitan delicious specialties and desserts.

Taanayel Lake

A day trip with your friends to Taanayel lake will be a unique experience amid the breathtaking nature of Lebanon.

You can take a walk through the village’s scenic vineyards and sit back along the lake to enjoy the peacefulness.


Located about 59.4 km away from Beirut, Anjar is a great option for a day trip as the town will take you down on a history trip with its ruins of the Umayyad civilization.

You and your family/friends can also enjoy the surrounding nature and the delicious food in the town’s restaurants!

Qannoubine valley

Qannoubine Valley or Wadi Qannoubine (also known as Qadisha Valley) is the ultimate destination for a day trip and or hiking experience!

Located in the Bcharre district, Qannoubine Valley is one of the most breathtaking destinations rich in caves, chapels, ancient monasteries, and an amazing waterfall!

Ammiq Wetland

The breathtaking Ammiq Wetlands in West Bekaa is home to a mesmerizing nature, not to mention to at least 23 species of mammals living in the area!

This destination might be one of the greatest for you to connect with an inspiring nature and enjoy a “photogenic” countryside.


Located in southern Lebanon, the ancient town of Tyre is a must to visit and explore the remnants of the Phoenician civilization and the Roman empire that left their marks in the town.

Along with its architectural beauties. fascinating old alleys, and its majestic beach, the town is also featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its historical ruins.


For an amazing day trip with your friends, all you have to do is visit Chouwen, a beautiful old town in Northern Lebanon.

The village is not like any other, as it is a stunning place for hiking and has a breathtaking lake that will make you feel in paradise.


The view of the Mediterranean sea and its crystal blue glory from Hamat is simply splendid and worth a day trip. You can get to visit the historical and gorgeous Saydet El Nourieh convent, and Mar Semaan Chruch, and then head to a restaurant at one of the nearby beaches.

While in Hamat, get to explore the old historical tunnel built at the time of the Ottoman occupation.


For a day trip about 145 km away from Beirut, Hermel in the Bekaa Governate is a fascinating site for a great adventure. 

You can get to visit the Pyramid of Hermel where you can see the Qamoua and the stunning Assi river, one of the most famous rivers in Lebanon, and where you can enjoy some rafting activities!

Balou Balaa

Described by The Guardian as one of the World’s Best Waterfalls, the Balou Balaa Falls in the Batroun District is one of the best destinations for a day trip. You’ll get to stand in awe in front of the stunning stream of water shooting for about 250 meters to the bottom of the cave!

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