12 Great Lebanese Christmas Songs That Celebrate The Season Of Love & Peace

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As the festive season envelops the air with joy and warmth, Lebanese Christmas songs add a unique cultural touch to the celebration. These 12 songs beautifully blend traditional Lebanese rhythms with the universal spirit of Christmas, creating an enchanting musical journey.

Each song reflects Lebanon’s rich musical heritage, infused with messages of love, peace, and unity – essential values of the Christmas season. From the musical tunes that echo through the vibrant streets of Beirut to the soulful lyrics that capture the heart of Lebanese culture, these songs are a true testament to the festive spirit and the enduring charm of Lebanese music:

1. Laylet Eid – Fairuz

Capturing the essence of Beirut’s Christmas, this song intertwines traditional Lebanese sounds with festive joy.

2. Sawt El Eid – Fairuz

A modern twist on classic Christmas themes, blending Lebanese rhythms with heartfelt lyrics.

3. Jayi El Layli Yasou’ – Julia Boutros

It is a nostalgic tune that reminisces about the Christmases of old Lebanon.

4. Talj Talj – Fairuz

Upbeat and lively, it is perfect for a family gathering around the Christmas tree.

5. Majdak Baki Bi Halzaman – Hiba Tawaji

A soulful ballad that speaks of peace and love, resonating with the spirit of the season.

6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Fairuz

A vibrant mix of Eastern melodies and Christmas cheer, celebrating Lebanon’s cultural richness.

7. Jras El Eid – Salwa El-Atrib

An instrumental piece that beautifully encapsulates the serene Lebanese winter.

8. Woulida El-Massih, Hallelujah – Majida El Roumi

A joyous track celebrating the unity and warmth found in Lebanese Christmas gatherings.

9. Laylat Al Milad – Hiba Tawaji

Reflecting on the message of Christmas, this song is a heartfelt call for peace.

10. Ahla Bi Yassouh – Carole Samaha

A fusion of Lebanese folklore and Christmas carols, creating a unique holiday experience.

11. Hallelujah – Hiba Tawaji

An all-time classic, this song embodies the timeless spirit of a Lebanese Christmas.

12. Heik El-Eid Enna – Yara

Closing the list with a contemporary hit that has quickly become a staple in Lebanese Christmas playlists.

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