12+ Great Things You Can Do While in Quarantine

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Humans worldwide are locked down in their homes and trying to cope with a lifestyle that actually goes against their sociability nature.

However, there is really no need to go sedentary, not us humans who are also genetically equipped to adapt to all circumstances by remaining active. Sure, we are under lockdown but our capability to think, act, create, innovate, etc, isn’t “locked down”, not unless we chose to.

So, we can choose to go back and forth to the fridge, self-denying that there is nothing else to do but eating and sleeping, or we can take advantage of this new situation and “milk it” to our benefits in order to keep evolving.

Basically, don’t try to “kill time” while in quarantine. Instead, use Time to your advantage to do great things you can benefit from.

#1 Acquire a new language

If you are a Lebanese, you’re probably thinking that you already know three. However, think again. There are about 6,500 spoken languages in the world, 2,000 of which won’t be of use to you since only a few thousands speak it, and you still have 4,500 options.

Among these, some are becoming quickly important to learn in the business world, like the Mandarin Chinese. In our progressive tech era, you can do so easily online.

#2 Take a cooking class online

We Lebanese tend to believe that cooking is the job of women in our society; the unpaid one really since most of our professional Chefs are men. So, seriously, anyone can master cooking and enjoy it. After all, we all love eating. It’s the top pleasurable deed of all humans.

There are plenty of cooking classes online these days, and this will keep you productively entertained for a while, especially if you go for learning different cuisines. (Sahtein!)

#3 Learn a new skill or two

There is no need at all to stagnate in wait for the university to reopen or for you to go back to your job. This is your perfect (grace) period to acquire a new skill that you could use in your career or any transferable skill.

The options are many today with online courses: Graphic Design, hairstyling, make-up art, writing, interior design, music instrument, social media marketing, fashion design, jewelry design, and so on.

#4 Join a virtual gym class

You don’t need to be an athlete or a gym-freak to get to do some daily physical exercise at home. Anyone of any age today can do so to improve or maintain one’s health and energy and have some fun while doing it. These classes are generally free on Social Media. Go for it or for a Yoga class, and make it a daily activity.

#5 Discover a new hobby

You could surprise yourself and discover a new side of you. Painting, drawing, crafting, designing, music mixing, etc; options are endless today online. You might also have been brewing in your mind for a while to take on a particular hobby. Now it’s the time to do so if, of course, it doesn’t involve you going out.

#6 Volunteer for a cause online

Follow your heart in selecting what cause is dear to you and go for it. You might also know already what cause you are passionate about and haven’t got time for it before.

Don’t go solo with this. Check what related organization has online-based activities and are in need of volunteers. Giving it an hour of your time a day will be helpful for them and morally rewarding for you. (And you’ll be making new like-minded friends!)

#7 Put your academic skills to use!

With all students today at home (and online!), parents would love to find private tutors to help their children, especially in subjects where they are lagging behind. If you are a university student, or a graduate, or a teacher, or even a grandma with a mastered knowledge, here is how you can put your skill to use and make some money.

You may register with an already established “freelancers” platform or simply go ahead and post your availability and capability on your FB page. Tutoring could be done via Zoom, or FB video chat, or skype, or the like.

#8 Give something back to the world

This is something you can do solo if you want by supporting fundraising activities. We don’t mean financially, but actively promoting them and networking for their endeavors. Now more than ever, people need help to make it through this pandemic. Take part. Make a difference.

#9 Pick up a goal you’ve been keeping aside

Remember that goal or vision of yours you’ve left pending for a while? Now you have all the time you need to plan for it and put it in motion.

#10 Join a crafting class online

Sure, this probably could go under #5 but we needed to list it on its own for a particular reason. These crafting classes can teach you resourcefulness as you don’t need to go out to buy anything for it.

They are particularly oriented to using what is usually available at home. You’ll be surprised at how many things you’ve been overlooking as insignificant or useless and that can actually be put to good use.

And hey! You might even get skilled enough to create beautiful or practical items that you can sell online and make some pocket money for yourself.

#11 Enhance your intellect and general knowledge

Schedule a couple of hours of your day in quarantine to acquire new knowledge of things beyond your ‘world.’ Steer away from the news and social media during these 2 hours, and go for TedTalk, for example, and similar virtual lectures and conferences, or reading materials of various significant topics.

#12 Revert to reading meaningful books

If you are a bookworm, you don’t need this suggestion from us. You’ve already gotten it. If you aren’t, heed this and revert to the wonder of book reading.

#13 Get to know better your family members

Cliche? Not at all. We live our lives believing that we know very well our family members in our household. Truth is, we live too immersed in our own life journey that we don’t take time to sit and listen to our siblings or children or parents or spouse.

Bring your busy-mind, busy-plan, busy-worrying, and busy online chat to a halt and get to connect with yours at a deeper level. Great will be to do some of these above-listed activities with a sibling or a spouse or your kids.

#14 Adopt a new daily routine that is productive and rewarding

And have a happy quarantine! This is pretty much about you creating your own daily schedule according to the above activities and be productive. You’ll still have enough daily time in between to engage on social media and chit chat with your friends over the phone.

So, we believe we got you covered here for you to self-quarantine productively. Basically, make the most out of it!

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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