12 Photos Of The Christmas Season In Lebanon

Lebanon Christmas
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Lebanon, a country known for its rich culture and history, offers a unique and vibrant experience during the Christmas season. The holiday spirit is alive in every corner, from the bustling streets of Beirut to the quiet mountain villages.

These 12 photos capture the essence of Christmas in Lebanon, showcasing a blend of traditions and modern festivities.

1. Beirut’s Central District


The heart of the city adorned with dazzling lights and festive decorations.

2. Traditional Lebanese Christmas Feast

Eat Drink Yorkshire

A table spread with local delicacies and the famous Lebanese hospitality.

3. Snow-Covered Cedars

Iconic Lebanese cedars blanketed in snow, offering a picturesque winter scene.

4. Local Christmas Markets


Bustling with vendors selling handmade crafts, sweets, and holiday gifts.

5. Ancient Churches Lit Up

Celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas with beautifully lit ancient churches.

6. Families Gathering in Homes

arche nova

The warmth of Lebanese homes as families gather to celebrate.

7. Singing Carols

Chœur de l’USJ

Groups of children spreading cheer with traditional and modern carols.

8. Street Decorations in Byblos

Live Love Beirut

The historic city of Byblos illuminated with festive lights and ornaments.

9. Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies


Public celebrations marking the lighting of massive Christmas trees.

10. Mountain Villages in Winter


Capturing the serene beauty of Lebanese villages during the holiday season.

11. Festive Parades and Events


Colorful parades and events showcasing Lebanese culture and Christmas spirit.

12. New Year Celebrations

The joyous transition from Christmas to New Year, celebrated with fireworks and festivities.

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