12 Charming Places In Beirut To Drink & Dine With Your Friends

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Beirut is the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Lebanon, attracting people from all backgrounds to have the time of their lives. There is no particular “best” season to visit or enjoy the Lebanese capital.

From cultural and intellectual to tourism and entertainment, Beirut is the beating heart of Lebanon, full of energy all year round.

It is an exciting place to visit, and dine and drink, with many restaurants and bistros serving food and cocktails inspired by many different cultures and countries.

From French, Italian, Armenian, and Lebanese food, here are charming places in Beirut where you can have a delicious meal and a tasty drink with your friends!

Mario e Mario – Mar Mikhael

Head to Mar Mikhael, and go to Mario e Mario, a lovely restaurant serving home-cooked and authentic Italian dishes with ingredients sourced locally.

The restaurant serves lunch from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm and Dinner from 7:30 pm until midnight. For reservation, contact 01 444 036.

Mayrig – Gemmayze

If you want to try Armenian-inspired food, you can go to Mayrig, a restaurant serving authentic Armenian cuisine since 2003.

The place is located in Beirut (03 228 227). You can also find Mayrig in Metn (70 135 632) and Kfardebian (70 667 299).

Loris – Gemmayze

Located in Gemmayze, Loris is a Lebanese restaurant offering a wide menu of traditional recipes with a twist in a traditional Lebanese ambiance!

For more info, you may contact 01 567 568 or 70 600 622.

Society Bistro – Saifi

Society Bistro offers a “taste of Paris in the heart of Beirut,” where you can have exquisite Italian and French dishes in a cozy and fancy setting.

Contact 76 777 747 for more information.

Salon Beyrouth – Beirut

Salon Beyrouth serves crafted cocktails, an extensive whisky selection, and live Jazz music in a friendly and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Open daily from 9 am until 1 am, Salon Beyrouth can be contacted on 03 133 317 for more information.

Le Sushi Bar – Beirut

Located in Downtown Beirut, Le Sushi Bar is an upscale restaurant offering a wide selection of Japanese dishes for seafood and sushi lovers in a Zen-style atmosphere.

For more information, contact 71 338 555 or 70 338 555.

La Villa 1920 – Badaro

La Villa 1920 is the place to have a romantic date experience, as the place offers Italian fine dining in a gorgeous setting in the heart of Beirut.

For reservations, you may contact 03 771 844.

Terre Beirut – Gemmayze

Terre Beirut is a local, contemporary, and cozy eatery and bar offering exquisite cocktails and gourmet dishes.

The place opens from Tuesday until Sunday. For more info, contact 70 750 376.

Liza Beirut – Achrafieh

Liza Beirut is a lovely restaurant serving traditional Lebanese cuisine using innovative techniques in an old Ottoman-era palace in Achrafieh. The restaurant features sophisticated decor and setting.

For table reservations, contact 01 208 108.

Stove – Beirut

Have an exquisite culinary “getaway” at Stove, a French restaurant nestled in the heart of Beirut in an old Lebanese house.

For more info, contact 03 489 111.

Miss Pepper – Beirut

Miss Pepper is a hidden gastropub in Beirut with hip and modern vibes where people can get together to have tasty cocktails, as well as salads, sandwiches, and main dishes.

Contact 71 617 444 for more info.

Amelia Restaurant & Lounge – Mar Mikhael

Located in Mar Mikhael, Amelia Restaurant & Lounge offers a culinary experience combining a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine along with cocktails and a chill setting.

The place welcomes guests of 24+ only. For booking, contact 70 666 426.

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