12 Places In Lebanon Where You Can Shop Local Products For Christmas

Lebanese artisans

Exploring Lebanon during the festive season reveals a treasure trove of local shops, each offering unique products that capture the essence of Lebanese craftsmanship. These twelve hand-picked locations are not just shops; they’re gateways to Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage and artistic flair.

From handcrafted jewelry in Beirut’s bustling markets to the aromatic spices and traditional sweets in Tripoli, each store presents a unique array of gifts perfect for Christmas. In the picturesque streets of Byblos, you’ll find artisanal workshops where skilled craftsmen create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Meanwhile, in the heart of the Bekaa Valley, local wineries offer exquisite wines that reflect the region’s rich viticulture. These shops are more than just places to buy gifts; they’re a celebration of Lebanese creativity and a testament to the enduring spirit of its people during the holiday season.

1. Beirut Artisans – Beirut


What to find: Handcrafted jewelry, bespoke clothing, and unique home decor.
Why it’s special: A hub for Beirut’s thriving artisan community.

2. Tripoli Spice Market – Tripoli

اندبندنت عربية

What to find: Exotic spices, traditional sweets, and aromatic herbs.
Why it’s special: A sensory journey through Lebanon’s rich culinary heritage.

3. Byblos Craftsmen – Byblos

What to find: Woodwork, pottery, and handwoven textiles.
Why it’s special: Artisanal products showcasing centuries-old crafting techniques.

4. Bekaa Valley Wineries – Bekaa Valley

What to find: Premium Lebanese wines and gourmet food products.
Why it’s special: Offers a taste of Lebanon’s renowned winemaking tradition.

5. Sidon Soap Bazaar – Sidon

Anthony Rahayel

What to find: Handmade soaps and organic beauty products.
Why it’s special: Continuing a centuries-old tradition of soap making.

6. Batroun Coastal Stores – Batroun

What to find: Nautical-themed decor, local art, and seafood products.
Why it’s special: Captures the essence of Lebanon’s Mediterranean charm.

7. Jounieh Fashion Outlets – Jounieh

What to find: Contemporary Lebanese fashion and accessories.
Why it’s special: A mix of modern style and traditional influences.

8. Zahle Gourmet Shops – Zahle

What to find: Specialty foods, cheeses, and preserves.
Why it’s special: A food lover’s paradise with a focus on local ingredients.

9. Tyre Artisan Market – Tyre

What to find: Hand-painted ceramics, glassware, and jewelry.
Why it’s special: A colorful display of Tyre’s artistic talents.

10. Taanayel Organic Farms – Taanayel

What to find: Fresh organic produce, dairy products, and homemade jams.
Why it’s special: Promotes sustainable farming and supports local agriculture.

11. Aley Boutique Stores – Aley

What to find: Boutique fashion, artisanal sweets, and unique gifts.
Why it’s special: A blend of urban chic and traditional crafts.

12. Cedars of Lebanon Shops – Bsharri

What to find: Cedarwood carvings, souvenirs, and natural products.
Why it’s special: Products celebrating Lebanon’s national symbol, the Cedar tree.

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