12 Reasons To Take A Road Trip To The Lebanese Village Of Anjar

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In the Bekaa valley, on the Lebanese border with Syria, is a small village of 20 sq km called Anjar. Also known as Haoush Mousa, it’s home to a population of about 2,400.

Anjar’s name alone resonates with historical events and the past glory of ancient civilizations, some of which left their marks on the village.

Located 59.4 km from Beirut, Anjar makes for a great road trip and a day of exploration. Here are the 8 most relevant reasons why you should put Anjar on your bucket list:

#1 Anjar is home to the historical Umayyad City Ruins, a cultural World Heritage Site.

The ruins were even on the old Lebanese 10 lira.

The historical Lebanese railroad tracks meet the ruins as well.

#2 Anjar is home to Lebanese-Armenians in the majority

After being abandoned for many years, Anjar became home to thousands of Armenians fleeing genocide in their country in 1939.

They settled in and expanded their community with time, introducing their culture to Lebanon, which is not very different.

The Armenians love good food, which you see plenty of in Anjar.

In the summer, members of the Armenian diaspora return to Anjar, and the population swells to some 3,500.

That’s when their cultural love for a good time is most relevant with music and social gatherings.

In fact, Lebanon’s famous award-winning Fayha Choir is headed by an Armenian from Anjar, Maestro Barkev Taslakian!

#3 Instagram-worthy spots

#4 Visit the ancient four-sided well

In Anjar, people used to line up around these four-sided wells, and fill their jugs with water. You can still find the wells at crossroads and intersections within the village streets.

#5 Peace and Nature characterize Anjar

Nature overtakes the village of Anjar in all the different beauties of its four seasons, and the locals are known to live in peace and friendliness.

#6 Anjar is a perfect Autumn getaway destination

A romantic gateway to this perfect small town is probably the best idea you can have during the fall season.

Pumpkins, colorful leaves, a cool breeze, and beautiful sceneries; it’s a rare experience for residents of the coastal cities.

#7 Amazingly beautiful in winter

#8 Local meals are worth experiencing

#9 Dainty restaurants totally worth the ride

#10 Cool accommodations available for a nice staycation

You can even spend the night or a weekend in one of these cool modern triangle bungalows at Layali Al-Shams hotel and enjoy the Anjar’s experience fully.

#10 A perfect destination for stargazing

#11 Anjar offers a unique view of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains

That’s the mountain range that forms the natural border between Lebanon and Syria.

#12 You’ll get to appreciate the simplicity of Anjar’s life

Away from the bustling crowded city, a day or two in Anjar will get you to savor the tranquility of its life and the friendly interactions with the locals.

Slow days, calm atmosphere, the sound of nature all around you… It’s probably time to schedule that road trip!

To know about Anjar’s historical ruins, visit here.

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