12 Serene Meditation Retreats in Lebanon

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Lebanon, a country known for its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, offers some of the most serene meditation retreats. These havens of peace provide the perfect setting for deep meditation and mindfulness practices.

From the tranquil mountains of Bcharre to the calming shores of Byblos, each retreat offers a unique experience.

1. Shouf Cedar Reserve

Nestled in nature, this retreat focuses on reconnecting with the earth.

2. Byblos Seaside Haven

Offers meditation with stunning sea views, promoting inner peace.

3. Bcharre Mountain Escape

High altitude and fresh air contribute to a refreshing meditation experience.

4. Baatara Gorge Sanctuary

Known for its natural beauty, it’s perfect for reflective meditation.

5. Faraya Nature Retreat

Offers guided meditation sessions amidst snowy landscapes.

6. Jounieh Bay Retreat

Combines meditation with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

7. Bekaa Valley Oasis

A quiet spot ideal for solitude and spiritual practices.

8. Tripoli Old Town Respite

Offers a historical backdrop for cultural and meditative exploration.

9. Sidon Sea Castle Retreat

A blend of history and meditation by the sea.

10. Akkar Rural Retreat

Experience meditation in untouched natural surroundings.

11. Taanayel Sanctuary

A spiritual experience among the lake and trees.

12. Tyre Beachfront Bliss

Perfect for those seeking meditation with a view of the endless sea.

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