12 Shawarma Spots In Lebanon To Indulge In Delicious Wraps With Your Friends

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Shawarma is an iconic Middle Eastern delicacy with fans around the world queueing to indulge their palate with this delicious and fulfilling wrap.

In Lebanon, shawarma is a famous specialty reflecting the Lebanese taste, with its spices, local ingredients, and the signature Lebanese garlic cream generously added to chicken shawarma wraps, or tahini sauce for the meat shawarma!

Lebanon is also “generous” with its Lebanese restaurants scattered on almost every corner, serving shawarma wraps, plates, and other innovative shawarma-infused items.

So here are the best and most popular shawarma places in Lebanon that you and your friends should visit at least once!

Jabbour – Jounieh and Dora

Located in Jounieh and Dora, Jabbour is a famous Lebanese-style snack serving one of the best shawarmas in town using fresh ingredients.

For more info, you can contact 01 260 733.

Abou Sobhi – Tripoli

If you are visiting Tripoli, visit Abou Sobhi in El Mina to indulge in one of the tastiest shawarmas loved by both locals and celebrities alike.

The restaurant is also famous for its shawarma cake! For more info, contact 06 433 720.

Basterma Mano – Bourj Hammoud

Basterma Mano is a popular snack/restaurant, renowned for serving succulent basterma and shawarma wraps.

For more info, contact 01 268 560.

Restaurant Joseph – Sin El Fil

Restaurant Joseph serves the “World’s Tastiest Sandwich,” a prestigious recognition handed out by Foodie Hub Award in London. The renowned restaurant offers famously delicious falafel and shawarma wraps.

For more info, contact 01 510 520, 03 440 480, or 70 374 040.

Shawarma Spot – Sabtiye

You can fill your cravings with delicious chicken shawarma wraps at Shawarma Spot, a snack-like restaurant located on Sabtiye Square.

Delivery is also available. Contact 76 475 156 for more information.

Spiced and Sliced – Various locations

Spiced and Sliced is an eatery serving a wide menu of modern eastern delicacies, including beef and chicken shawarmas with a twist!

The restaurant is situated in Hamra (76 363 363), Achrafieh (70 333 362), Antelias (70 333 364), and in the Movenpick Hotels & Resorts Beirut.

Basterma Bedo – Bourj Hamoud

Since 1960, Basterma Bedo has been serving sojouk, makanek, signature shawarma sojouk, basterma, and delicious chicken and meat shawarmas.

The snack also delivers in Beirut. For more inquiries, you may contact 01 261 439. 

El Estez – Sodeco and Zalka

Located in Lebanon and abroad, El Estez is a Lebanese franchise with a menu rich with starters, salads, shawarma wraps, kaak, shawarma burgers, and more mouthwatering items!

For more info, contact 01 282 866.

Classic Shawarma – Beirut

Opening every day from 12:00 pm until 2:00 am, Classic Shawarma is the place to try shawarma with a twist, including its famous shawarma burgers for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

For more info, contact 70 886 095.

Abul3ezz – Dekweneh

Known for its signature shawarma cakes, wraps, and burgers, Abul3ezz is the place to visit in Dekkweneh to indulge in delicious and fulfilling shawarmas with your friends!

For more inquiries, contact 70 833 877.

Makhlouf Restaurant – Beirut

For over 80 years, Makhlouf Restaurant has been presenting its clientele with a variety of nutritious and tasty Lebanese fast-food dishes and wraps, including delicious shawarmas!

Contact 01 258 565 for more info.

Barbar – Beirut

Nothing beats eating delicious chicken and/or beef shawarma wraps at Barbar, an ever-growing Lebanese eatery in Lebanon and abroad!

Barbar opens and delivers every day. For more info, contact 03 433 855 or 01 753 330

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