12 Signs You Are Feeling Homesick for Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the few countries with immigrants spread in every nook-and-corner of the world.


With over two-thirds of its people living abroad, there is more than a little nostalgia to dish around. Here are ten signs that you need to book a trip back home.

#1 You start the only legal form of stalking

You stage lengthy stakeouts of the social media accounts of your Lebanese acquaintances for posts about Lebanon


#2 Which slowly evolves to resenting them

Who says you’re bitter about Sarah’s 12 posts in Downtown Beirut?


#3 The indignation doesn’t last long

You give in and begin posting some throwbacks of your own. While crying, of course.

#4 Your nostalgia induces a musically-themed stint

A quick look into your YouTube search history reveals tens of misspelled searches for Fairouz, Sabah and other golden-oldies. They are so iconic, in fact, we have put them in a list of their own for you.

#5 You switch around your daily routine

This inexplicable change manifests itself with impromptu trips to the local Lebanese store in your town… Even if it is just for some pomegranate molasses or a jar of makdoos (pickles).


#6 That’s when the cravings kick-in

Oh, the cravings!

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You might even start craving random things you really never liked before.

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#7 The annual shopping ritual commences

You start stock-piling presents for each and every one of your relatives (even the ones you can’t stand).

Cue the “7assayta illik” (I felt it could be yours) and “Shtahaytillak yeha” (I craved this for you).


#8 You follow at least 10 Lebanese news outlets

You are more up-to-date with the ongoings of the country than the people living in it.


#9 “No one needs 24/7 electricity. 

You brush off the hardships of living in Lebanon and begin to seriously consider moving back.

From the power-cuts to the constant crisis of ‘who finished the hot water in the house’! Everything seems suddenly bearable in retrospect.


#10 “Time to get the word out.”

You proceed to Skype your parents/relatives with your decision, joking only half-heartedly about it. Your determination instantly wavers when you are reminded of how terrible their internet connection is.


#11 You start counting off the days till your next visit

#12 And finally, you make this face when you receive your flight confirmation


Lebanon has such a strong hold on our hearts that fighting that homesick feeling can get a little challenging at times.

Here is a little helpful tip: There is a heartwarming box of Lebanese goodies you can have delivered to your doorstep to battle your homesick blues.

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