12 songs we wish Fairouz would perform live on Independence Day!

Fairouz celebrated Lebanon in every song and play that she performed. Lebanese people living in Lebanon envisioned a better country while listening to Fairouz.


As for the expats, they dreamed of returning to their homeland, especially after listening to “Nassam Aalayna Al Hawa.”

It would be more than incredible if Fairouz performed the following songs live on Independence Day.

Nassam Alayna Al Hawa


Li Beirut

Bhebbak Ya Lebnan


Roudani Ila Biladi



Bi Oulou Zghayar Baladi

Aa Esmak Ghanayt


Lebnan El Akhdar

Qasidat Loubnan


Hkili Aan Baladi

Rah Nebqa Sawa



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