12 Sushi Places In Lebanon You Should Visit To Taste The Delicious Japanese Delicacy

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Located on the Mediterranean, Lebanon boasts many restaurants offering seafood cuisine, including Japanese gourmet delicacy sushi.

The “sushi business” in the country is ever-growing as most Lebanese are big fans of this Japanese treat.

Here are places in Lebanon where you can enjoy a nice-sushi lunch or dinner with your friends or family in a friendly and zen ambiance!

Le Sushi Bar – Beirut

Le Sushi Bar in Beirut is an acclaimed restaurant for seafood lovers, offering Japanese cuisine in a peaceful and zen atmosphere.

For reservation, contact 71 338 555.

Sushi Star – Various locations

Located in Jnah, Zalka, Klaayat, Baabda, Batroun, Ghazir, Zouk Mosbeh, Rabieh, Ashrafieh, and Tripoli, Sushi Star offers a wide range of Japanese specialties for catering, delivery, and takeaway.

Sushi Holic – Various locations

Sushi Holic is the place to eat Japanese fusion cuisine for lunch and dinner. The place also offers takeout and catering.

You can find Sushi Holic in Ghazir (70 399 000), Ballouneh (09 235 643/ 71 347 000), Dbayeh (71 040402), Kaslik (71 333 700), and Mar Takla (70 399 000).

ObI Urban Sushi – Various locations

ObI Urban Sushi is a trendy spot to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine such as sushi, Sashimi, Maki, and Asian salads, soups, appetizers, as well as main dishes.

The place is situated in Badaro (76 877 111), The Village Dbayeh (76 877 222), Broumana (76 877 333), Kaslik (76 877 444), Hazmieh (76 877 555), Rayfoun (76 001 544), Batroun (81 101 214), Koura (70 999 743), and Bayada (71 865 660). 

Sushi On The Roof – Batroun

Located in Batroun, Sushi On The Roof is the place to eat delicious sushi surrounded by a lovely and peaceful rooftop ambiance.

Sushi On The Roof is a summer pop-up and opens from Tuesday until Sunday, 7:00 PM until 12:00 AM. For more info, contact 76 766 366.

Mitsu-Ya – Gemmayzeh

Mitsu-Ya offers prime and exquisite Japanese cuisine in a traditional setting. Located in Gemmayze, the sushi place opens from Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM, and from 7:00 PM until 11:30 PM.

For more information, contact 71 561 110.

Naranori – Batroun

Situated in Batroun, Naranori serves and delivers authentic and high-quality sushi and a variety of Japanese dishes from 12:00 PM until 11:00 PM. For more info, contact 81 797 921.

Ginger and Co – Hazmieh & Jal El-Dib

Ginger and Co is a Japanese sushi restaurant serving dishes infused with Asian flavors. The restaurant is located in Hazmieh (05 956 446 – 03 040 046) and Jal el Dib (04 717 161- 76 308 308).

Bamboo – Tyre

Bamboo in Tyre is a Vietnamese and Japanese restaurant, where people can meet up to eat sushi made with fresh ingredients.

For reservations, contact 71 477 236 or 71 674 914.

Oden Sushi – Elissa & Zaarour

Oden Sushi in Elissar and Zaarour is a restaurant offering quality and unique sushi dishes from 12:00 PM until 10:30 PM.

Contact 76 320 022 or 04 916 877 for more info.

Tsunami – Achrafieh & Antelias

Tsunami is a Japanese restaurant serving a blend of traditional and fusion sushi dishes in Achrafieh (01 337 327 – 03 662 794) and Antelias (04 444 413 – 03 260 860).

Mon Maki A Moi – Byblos & Dbayeh

Mon Maki A Moi is an exquisite sushi spot in Lebanon, where people can enjoy a good meal for lunch and dinner surrounded by a fancy setting.

You can contact the Byblos branch on 70 737 700 or the Dbayeh branch on 76 067 606.

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12 Sushi Places In Lebanon You Should Visit To Taste The Delicious Japanese Delicacy

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