12 texts Lebanese people always receive from their parents!

Lebanese parents are unique, even when they are texting!

When are you coming home?

 This message is ritually sent over three times a day; even though your parents know your schedule by heart.

You didn’t tell me you’re going partying tonight!

It doesn’t matter how many times you remind them about an event that you’re attending; they will still send you this message. Or maybe you just forgot to tell them, on purpose.

There’s mjadra for lunch!

You can replace mjadra with loubye, bemye, or every single dish your parents know that you do not like.

Pick up your little sister/brother from school.

Who knew that getting a driver’s license has drawbacks?

Bring 1 kilogram of tomatoes, bread, oil, etc. on the way back home.

Your aunt is over for dinner, so don’t be late.

Thanks for the heads-up!

How can I remove a picture from Facebook?

The reply for this text might be the longest message/voice note you have ever sent.

Do you have Snapchat?

The scariest text you can receive from a Lebanese parent! The answer is always no.

Good morning texts

For those who are complaining because they do not receive good morning texts: what about the love-infused pictures that your parents send to you on a regular basis? On a side note: who creates these pictures?

Memes you’ve already seen 7 years ago

You just pretend that it’s the first time that you see them.

We’re ordering shawarma for lunch!

The best text any person can ever receive!

Good luck for your exams/ interview!

The only text that reassures you before a big day!

BONUS: “3alle l disjoncteur!”

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