12 Things You’ll Always Find In Every Lebanese House

@izzatkr/Twitter | @gearkitty/imgur

There’s a hashtag trending on Twitter that’s bringing people to share common items found in every Lebanese household: “بكل بيت لبناني #” (in every Lebanese house).

If you’ve ever visited your family in Lebanon over the summer or if you’re living in Lebanon now, you can definitely relate to these tweets.

And they’re especially true about your grandparent’s houses!

In every Lebanese house, there are always and inevitably:

#1 Random jars repurposed for spices:

It’s pretty much being resourceful, something our grandparents in particular excel in…

God forbid you find cookies in these.

#3 Endless Tupperware collection:

Right! You’ll get to use one or another in a way or another….

#4 Definitely Nescafe:

#5 Blankets like this:

Come on, your grandma doesn’t have this blanket at home? Especially in the mountain houses.

#6 This ‘traditional’ plate:

We tend to renew our plate services once overused but this one, probably inherited from grandma and she from hers, somehow remains… What to say? Heritage is something we hold on to!

#7 A remote control still in its cover:

… As if it’s a fragile piece that must be preserved or the TV will cease being operational…

#8 These ‘ancient’ tiles:

Raise your hand if you’ve seen this eyesore!

#9 And… well, we didn’t see this one coming, but it’s true:


#10 Let’s not forget the traditional Fenjen!

#11 And the Zaatar!

#11 And a pile of meds in the fridge

#12 The rakweh!

To sum it all up: