12 Things To Do In Bekaa, Lebanon To Have An Awesome Trip With Your Friends

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Lebanon is home to many stunning cities, villages, and valleys having a rich cultural heritage and a remarkable nature.

One of the interesting regions in Lebanon is the Bekaa, home to amazing wetlands, gorgeous valleys, and a wide cultural and religious heritage!

The Beqaa is a vast valley located between two mountain ranges. For years, the region has been known to be “the breadbasket of Lebanon” for its agricultural importance.

The valley also has historical significance, since it is home to grand temple ruins dating back to the Romans and the Ummayad.

So if you are curious to visit this amazing region, here are fun things to do in Bekaa with your friends or family for an amazing end-of-the-summer trip!

Go on a wine tasting trip

The Bekaa valley is known for its fertile lands with well-known vineyards and wineries scattered along the region.

The valley boasts several wineries welcoming visitors from Lebanon and abroad to taste the exquisite Lebanese wine.

So when you are visiting the Bekaa valley, don’t hesitate to have a wine-tasting trip with your loved ones!

Visit the Baalbek temple complex

The Baalbek temple complex is one of Lebanon’s most famous historic archaeological sites, offering its visitors a trip to the many empires that had passed through the city.

The three temples of Bacchus, Jupiter, and Venus, which are still standing tall, are known as the biggest building in the great Roman Empire.

Previously known as Heliopolis, the temple complex is a great site to visit to discover the country’s rich past.

UNESCO also inscribed Baalbek as a World Heritage Site in Lebanon!

Marvel at the view from The Lady of Zahle

Lebanon is home to several Holy Mary Sanctuaries, including the Lady of Zahle (Saydet Zahle) in the Bekaa Valley.

The shrine is a ten-meter-high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary resting on a 54-meter high tower over the hill of Tel Chicha, in Zahle.

Pilgrims can take an elevator up to check the breathtaking view overlooking a panoramic view of the valley.

Go rafting in the Assi River – Hermel

For a fun activity, you and your family or friends can get to experience rafting at the Assi River for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Additionally, many rafting clubs on site will help you have a fun rafting experience, including the Chir al Assi Rafting Club. For more info, contact 71 020 498 or 03 020 498.

Check out the Temple of Ain Herche

An interesting site to check out, this Roman temple is located about a 2 km walk from the village of Ain Herche in Bekaa.

Grab a traditional Lebanese meal at a local restaurant

The Bekaa valley is home to many restaurants serving traditional Lebanese cuisine. One of the most famous in the region is Wadi Chamsine, where you can have Lebanese dishes surrounded by a lake.

The restaurant also offers many activities, including Kayak, pedalboat, ATV, paintball, and a free kids area. For more info, contact 81 677 377.

Discover the Ummayad Ruins in Anjar

Founded by Caliph Walid I in the 8th century, the city of Anjar is home to ruins testifying to the remains of the palace cities of ancient times, especially the city constructed by the Umayyads.

So when visiting the Bekaa valley, make sure to check out the Ummayad Ruins in Anjar, which are also listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site!

Enjoy the picturesque view from Taanayel Lake

Taanayel is a gorgeous Lebanese village situated in the Zahleh District of the Beqaa Governorate. The village holds many natural and touristic getaways featured by a nature reserve, vineyard, and a scenic lake view.

When checking out Taanayel Lake, you will get to see a splendid scene that looks and feels as if you are in paradise.

Visit the Hermel Pyramid

Located on a hill and surrounded by a desert, the Hermel Pyramid (also known as Qamou el-Hermel) is a hidden gem and 27-meter high stone Pyramid.

Located around 6 km south of Hermel, and filled with beautiful carvings, it is reported that the Pyramid might have been used as a watch tower.

Explore Deir Mar Maroun

The Monastery of Saint Maron, also known as the Cave of the Monks, is a must-visit site in Hermel.

The ancient site was carved out of stone around the 2nd century AD and became Saint Maroun’s residence in the 4th century AD.

Hike through Ammiq Wetland

Situated in West Bekaa, Ammiq Wetland is one of Lebanon’s most picturesque sites and one of the richest freshwater wetlands in the country.

You and your friends can also take an adventurous hiking trip to discover the pine and oak trees, buffalos, and a remarkable scene of the Bekaa Valley.

Spend the night at one of Bekaa’s stunning guesthouses

The Bekaa valley has several guesthouses offering people a stay surrounded by splendid nature. One of the most famous is Al Haush, which is a farm, bed and breakfast, and a farm-to-table restaurant, where people can escape the city.

For more information, contact 03 911 110.

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