12 Things To Do In Ehden For A Great Vacation Trip This Summer

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Lebanon is filled with stunning villages scattered across the country. Almost every village boasts a rich history, cultural and religious diversity, and beautiful locals.

Like other Lebanese villages, Ehden has an unbeatable charm during both winter and summer.

The mountainous village is also reportedly one of the country’s oldest towns, dating back to before the Christian Era (BCE) period.

You and your family, friends, and/or loved ones will surely have an awesome vacation experience when visiting the village of Ehden.

Immerse yourself in Ehden’s nature

Ehden is rich in flora and fauna, and nature fans will surely enjoy this beautiful getaway away from the busy city, as they will get the chance to breathe fresh air surrounded by stunning trees.

Try local delicacies

Many restaurants in Ehden offer a wide variety of Lebanese or international food.

However, when visiting this village, you have to try the traditional Zgharta kibbeh (kibbeh Zghortawiyeh), which is characterized by a large round size and stuffed with sautéed onion and meat and melted fat.

Stroll Through Al Midan

Al Midan is the main square of Ehden, where locals and tourists get to gather to have coffee or alcoholic beverages in cafes and pubs, eat in local restaurants, and enjoy the heart of Ehden’s vibes.

Enjoy a nice hike in Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

Located at an altitude of 1200m to 2000m, the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve boasts 1700 hectares of public land and unique broadleaf trees.

So you and your friends can go to Horsh Ehden to enjoy a breathtaking hiking experience surrounded by beautiful trees.

Check out Ehden’s traditional architecture

This village in the Zgharta district possesses a traditional Lebanese charm with its authentic red tile roofs and limestone walls inspired by the various cultural and religious influences that shaped both Ehden’s and Lebanon’s architecture.

Have a nice getaway in one of Ehden’s stunning guesthouses

Ehden has many gorgeous guesthouses where you and your loved ones can enjoy a good getaway to visit the many sites and immerse in the village’s locality for a few days.

The most popular guesthouses in the village are Kàràz Guest House (76 660 155) and Beit Mirna Guesthouse (81 336 116).

Have a cocktail drink while enjoying the gorgeous sunset

When in Ehden, you can go to local bars that offer a scenic view over the sunset and surrounding villages while tasting their signature drinks.

Visit the iconic Saydet el Hosn church

The Saydet el Hosn church, also known as The Lady of the Fortress, is a historical church in Ehden. It overlooks a panoramic view over the village and surrounding sites that will make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Check out the statue of Youssef Beik Karam

 Youssef Beik Karam Museum, Zgharta

Born in 1823, Youssef Beik Karam was a historic hero who fought the Ottoman Empire’s rule in Mount Lebanon.

So when visiting the village, you can check out his statue, which is a historical landmark in Ehden.

Visit Saint Mema Church

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Saint Mema Church is described to be one of the oldest Maronite churches in Lebanon and the Levant area where ancient writings in Greek and Syriac can be found.

Chill at one of Ehden’s hotels

Ehden welcomes visitors every year, locals and tourists, whether Lebanese coming from the diaspora or tourists coming from different countries.

Thus the village boasts many hotels where people can sleep, eat, and sometimes have a nice swimming experience during summer surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Visit the valley of Qannoubine

The Valley of Qannoubine, also known as the Kadisha Valley, is the ultimate destination to visit when on your way to Ehden.

Located in Bcharre and Zgharta districts, the Qannoubine Valley is one of the best destinations filled with caves, chapels, ancient monasteries, and an amazing waterfall!

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