12 Things You Must Do In The Historical City Of Byblos Next Time You Visit

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Byblos, also known as Jbeil, is a stunning coastal region in Lebanon. It boasts an amazing history as it is one of the first cities of Phoenicia and also one of the oldest cities in the world

This vibrant coastal city, along the Mediterranean, also hosts many touristic sites, gorgeous resorts, an amazing beach, and numerous places where the old meets the new.

Byblos also welcomes people of all ages, as the city offers wild nightlife, museums, stunning churches, and other places ready to fill your day with fun things!

So here are things you and your friends or family must do while in the stunning city of Byblos this summer!

Visit the stunning Saint Jean-Marc Church

Build around 1115 A.D, Saint Jean-Marc Church is a breathtaking Romanesque church dedicated to the patron saint of the city, who is reportedly the founder of the city’s first Christian community.

Discover the treasures of the Memory of Time museum

Even if you aren’t a fan of archeology, you ought to visit the Memoire Du Temps (Memory of Time) museum. You will be fascinated by displayed fossils that reportedly “survived 100 million years of history.”

For more info, contact 09 540 555.

Roam through the picturesque Byblos’ Port

Byblos Port is a beautiful ancient port. It is reportedly believed to be one of the oldest ports in the world. It is a stunning site with charming alleys, houses, restaurants, and full of boats. A great spot for memorable photos.

You can also enjoy a boat trip from the port.

Marvel through the Old Souks

The Old Souks in Byblos could make you feel transported in times. It’s vibrant with a lovely ambiance, restaurants, and local shops offering a wide array of traditional Lebanese clothes and souvenirs.

Head to the Roman Theater for some amazing panoramic views

Experience the amazing view of the Roman Theatre in Byblos, where only a third of the theatre has survived to this day. The reconstructed remains of the theatre are now situated by Byblos shore. It is a breathtaking spot that could easily make you imagine past eras.

Explore the majestic Byblos Castle

The Byblos Castle was built by the Crusaders around the 12th century. It once belonged to the members of the Lords of Gibelet, which could be the reason for the name Jbeil the city is also known as.

The castle is featured by historical buildings made of limestone and neighbors the Phoenician Royal Necropolis and the Roman amphitheater.

Immerse in the Byblos’ experience by spending the night at a guesthouse

There are many guesthouses in Byblos where you can stay to enjoy Byblos’ nightlife and extra days discovering this city of 7000+ years.

Beit Faris Wa Lucia is one of these interesting guesthouses in Byblos as it has a close view of the castle and the surroundings.

For more info, contact 03 210 141.

Have fun at one of Byblos’ beach resorts

There are many beach resorts in Byblos where you and your friends can enjoy the good summer vibes, swim, relax under the sun, and get a nice tan.

You may also book yourself a spa session at Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort. For more info, contact 09 546 666.

Have a drink at a sunset at the Kina Handcrafted Bar

Lebanon offers glorious summer sunsets, and Byblos is no different. The city has many sunset bars by the sea where you can socialize around a drink basking in the amber colors of sunset and the sea breeze.

Kina Handcrafted Bar is one of these chill spots with a rustic setting where you can hang out at sunset. It is strictly 21+. For more info, contact 76 138 805.

Chill at the Byblos’ Public Beach

You may also enjoy Byblos beach with a budget, or none whatsoever, by heading to the Byblos’ public beach to swim in its stunning blue water, take a relaxing stroll along its sandy beach, and catch a lovely tan.

Enjoy a fresh seafood meal at Bab El Mina

You can’t visit Byblos without trying its reputable fresh seafood. You may do so at one of the city’s many restaurants, like Bab El Mina in the port. It opens from 12:00 pm until 12:30 am and you may contact the restaurant on 03 540 475 for more info.

Don’t miss Byblos’ nightlife at the pubs of the Old Souks

Yes, you heard it! You can also enjoy the Old Souks at night also when the many pubs and bars open up with upbeat vibes, offering wild nightlife in an open-air setting!

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