12 Exciting Things You & Your Friends Can Do In Batroun This Summer

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Batroun is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities on Lebanon’s northern coast. The city boasts amazing beaches, great places to eat, rooftops, and wild nightlife.

The coastal city of Batroun is also known for its summer vibes, which radiate positivity and a lively spirit through its gorgeous old souks, touristic sites, and friendly locals.

Here is a list of things you can do in Batroun this summer to have an amazing experience with your friends and loved ones!

Visit Batroun’s Old Port

Take your friends and visit Batroun Fishermen’s Port, its stunning lighthouse and site. While there, visit Saint Stephen Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in the area!

Enjoy a nice getaway in one of the city’s guesthouses

There are many fascinating guesthouses in Batroun, where you can stay the whole night, get to enjoy the city’s nightlife, and discover the charming spots and traditional architecture all around during the day.

Roam through the Old Souks

The Old Souks of Batroun is a must-visit with its alleys and rhapsody of stores, as well as its historic architecture.

Discover Musée Henry

Created by the Lebanese painter and antique collector Henry Loussian, the Musée Henry is a house made from 100 demolished authentic houses in Beirut.

The entrance fee is 100,000 LBP. For more info, contact 03 753 654.

Treat yourself to a delicious seafood meal

Nothing is better than spending the Summer season eating delicious seafood in one of Batroun’s amazing seafood restaurants while having a nice view of the Mediterranean sea.

Spend a nice afternoon basking in the sunset at one of Batroun’s rooftops

Lebanon is known for having stunning rooftops. This coastal city does not fail to provide visitors with amazing rooftops by the beach where you can enjoy a nice sunset view and experience the good vibes with your friends.

Relax in the city’s gorgeous beach resorts

For a breathtaking tanning and chill experience, check out Batroun’s stunning beach resorts with your friends to get the ultimate good vibes!

Visit the ancient church of “Our Lady Of The Sea”

This ancient church will take your breath away. It was reportedly built on the ruins of a Byzantine church in the 19th century.

The beautiful chapel will also give you an amazing view of the beach and plenty of inspiring Instagram shots.

Enjoy a nice SUP experience

Dive into the sea of Batroun and enjoy one of the most popular sports in Lebanon, including surfing and stand-up paddling (SUP).

For the ultimate SUP experience, you can contact Batroun water sports (03 156 402); Routes (76 338 762); and others

Try the famous local lemonade

You can’t reach Batroun and not get to try its decades-famous lemonade, namely at the renowned Hilmi’s House of Lemonade which has been operating since the late 19th century. The place has further evolved to serve a variety of juices, lemonades, and tasty ice creams.

Hike through the Mseilha Walkway

If you are a fan of hiking, Batroun will also give you a fantastic hiking experience through the Mseilha Walkway, a stunning spot suitable for beginners.

You can reach the Mseilha Walkway from the Batroun highway, before the Chekka tunnel.

Have fun tanning by the beach

Scattered from South to North, Lebanon has many gorgeous free beaches.

Like other coastal cities, Batroun also has a hidden and costless beach, Bahsa beach, that will give you the ultimate tropical experience with your loved ones!