12 Things You Can Find In A Lebanese Home During Christmas

Lebanese Christmas
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Lebanese Christmas homes are a blend of tradition and culture, featuring Maamoul, handmade nativity scenes, cedar decorations, and more, creating a festive and warm atmosphere:

1. Traditional Lebanese Christmas Sweets

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Maamoul, filled with dates, walnuts, or pistachios, is a must-have.

2. Elaborate Nativity Scenes

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Often handmade, these represent the heart of Christmas, depicting the birth of Jesus.

3. Cedar Tree Decorations

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Symbolizing Lebanon, cedar tree elements are integrated into the Christmas decor.

4. Local Handicrafts

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Artisanal crafts, showcasing Lebanese culture, adorn homes.

5. Family Heirloom Ornaments

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Passed down through generations, these hold sentimental value.

6. Dabke Music and Dance

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Energetic and traditional, it’s essential for celebrations.

7. Lebanese Wine

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Renowned for its quality, it’s a staple at Christmas feasts.

8. Colorful Lanterns


Adding warmth and a festive atmosphere.

9. Spices and Aromatic Herbs

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Used in holiday cooking, they fill the air with inviting scents.

10. Festive Tablecloths and Linens


Often handmade, featuring intricate designs.

11. Family Photos

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Highlighting the importance of family and togetherness.

12. Lebanese Coffee Sets


Essential for serving guests during the holiday gatherings.

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