12 Ways Christmas Is Celebrated In Lebanon

Lebanon Christmas
Why Christmas

In Lebanon, a country rich in cultural diversity, Christmas is celebrated with a unique blend of traditions that reflect its multi-faith heritage. Here are 12 distinctive ways Christmas is observed in Lebanon:

1. Midnight Mass and Church Services

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Attending midnight mass is a central part of Christmas for Lebanese Christians, with churches beautifully decorated.

2. Diverse Decorations

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Homes and streets are adorned with lights and nativity scenes, showcasing Lebanon’s artistic flair.

3. Special Lebanese Christmas Sweets

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Delicacies like “Maamoul” and “Bûche de Noël” are savored, blending local flavors with festive cheer.

4. Family Gatherings and Feasts

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Christmas is a time for family, marked by large gatherings and sumptuous feasts featuring Lebanese cuisine.

5. Gift Exchanging

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Similar to global traditions, exchanging gifts is a key part of celebrations.

6. Christmas Carols in Arabic and French

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Carols are sung in multiple languages, reflecting Lebanon’s linguistic diversity.

7. Beirut’s Christmas Markets

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Vibrant Christmas markets in Beirut offer a mix of local crafts, foods, and festive items.

8. Saint Barbara’s Day (‘Barbara’)


Celebrated in early December, this day includes dressing up in costumes and enjoying traditional foods, adding a unique prelude to Christmas.

9. Christmas Tree Lighting in Bkerki

An iconic event where the Christmas tree at the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkirki is lit, symbolizing peace and unity.

10. Charitable Activities

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Many engage in charitable acts during the season, reflecting the spirit of giving and community.

11. New Year’s Celebrations

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The festivities extend to New Year, with grand celebrations across the country.

12. Armenian Christmas

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The season concludes with the celebration of Epiphany and Armenian Christmas in January, showcasing the country’s religious plurality.

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