13 Mountainside Stays In Lebanon For An Uplifting Getaway In Nature

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Nothing is better than escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and heading to one of Lebanon’s stunning mountainsides to enjoy a relaxing and green getaway away from life’s hassles.

And Lebanon boasts many mountainside escapes with equipped bungalows in breathtaking spots where you and your loved ones can enjoy an uplifting getaway in gorgeous nature.

Here are some of them:

Odom Retreat – Baskinta

Enjoy a luxurious getaway and glamping experience in Plateau de Bakish, Baskinta where you can stay a few days over the clouds and immerse in nature.

You can contact Odom Retreat on 76 992 092.

Cedar Scent – Niha

Located in the Niha cedar forest, Cedar Scent is a warm and cozy guesthouse where you will get to have an exceptional experience surrounded by greenery.

For more info, you can contact 70 233 511 via WhatsApp.

The Dome – Kfardebian

The Dome in Kfardebian consists of three domes where you will get to have a nice mountain-side glamping escape and a breathtaking view of natural surroundings.

For more inquiries, contact 70 331 330.

Casa Grande – Ehden

Situated in the heart of Ehden, the Casa Grande cabin offers a luxurious cozy getaway and also a place for your private events!

You can contact 71 133 110 for more info.

Log House Cabin – Harissa

Have a quick escape away from the city and head to The Log House Cabin in Harissa to have a spirit-lifting stay overlooking the gorgeous Jounieh Bay!

For more information, you may contact 71 202 003 (Whatsapp Only).

La Fuite – Mansourieh

La Fuite in Mansourieh is a serene haven where nature lovers and retreat seekers can enjoy a relaxing and soothing break from life hassles in a well-equipped 2-bedroom bungalow. The site has an open panoramic view, overlooking Beirut, and also has an outdoor jacuzzi.

To book or for more info, contact 76 181 910

Trinity 5 – Faraya

Located in the middle of Chabrouh, Faraya, Trinity5 is a lovely and friendly mountainside escape in a breathtaking site with an impressive view.

For more info, contact 70 183 888.

UŽÍT – Ehden

UŽÍT is a cabin located in Mazraaet El Teffah, Ehden. The place features three cozy cabins in the woods, where couples and families can have a chill and relaxing time.

You may contact the place on 81 214 564.

Westwood Valley – Zahle

Located in the heart of Zahle, Westwood Valley is a great escape destination offering many activities, bungalows, and tents in a cheerful and cozy atmosphere.

For more info about Westwood Valley, contact 81 102 112.

SkyNine – Laklouk

SkyNine in Laklouk provides bungalows, a venue for special occasions, a camping area, and even a restaurant where people can chill and enjoy a bonfire at night and live music.

The place is also pet friendly. For inquiries, contact 76 126 999.

Wood Hills Resort – Mayrouba

Located in the hills of Mayrouba, Wood Hills Resort is a luxurious and eco-touristic getaway overlooking virgin nature and wilderness, which makes it great for a comfy weekend or more in nature.

Contact 76 177 786 for more info.

Perch – Faraya

Situated in Faraya, Perch offers modern wood lodges where you and your partner/friends can enjoy a view over a pond in Chabrouh!

To book, contact 03 552 266.

WAYA Chill Cabin – Feytroun

Waya Chill Cabin is a pet-friendly wood cabin to have a chill and relaxing time with your loved ones. The cabin also offers a jacuzzi, bonfires, BBQs, music, and a mountain view!

Contact 03 497 262 for more info.

For those wishing to go more adventurous and free-spirit, check these camping van sites across Lebanon where you can have a chill retreat on wheels!

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