13 Winter Getaways In Lebanon To Enjoy A Cozy Staycation With Your Friends

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Winter in Lebanon is amazing for both locals and foreigners who visit the country’s many snow-covered peaks.

Being home to many ski slopes and many “winter wonderlands,” people can have extra fun staying overnight watching the snowfall while sitting beside the chimney and drinking a glass of wine.

So if you want to have a nice getaway with your partner, friends, or family, go on a road trip and head to these places:

Nock – Ghosta

Head to the splendid village of Ghosta and go to Nock, a modern cabin with a comforting atmosphere and a gorgeous view to enjoy the winter vibes.

For more info, contact 03 511 655.

La Capanna – Basloukit

La Capanna is a stunning getaway situated on top of Basloukit, a village in Northern Lebanon, where you can enjoy a homey ambiance surrounded by snow during the winter season!

Contact 81 042 212 for more inquiries,

Villa Chamoun – Qadisha Valley

Located in Qadisha Valley, near the Cedars of God forest in Bcharre District, Villa Chamoun is an enchanting mountain retreat inspired by the 1960s.

For more info, contact 70 508 205.

The Chill Hill Experience – Wata el Joz

The Chill Hill Experience in Wata el Joz offers a nice getaway where you and your friends can disconnect, surrounded by beautiful scenery over its frozen pond lake during the winter season!

Contact 76 775 458 for more details.

Laklouk Village Vacances – Laklouk

Situated in Laklouk, the Laklouk Village Vacances is a winter and summer resort situated on a plateau at around 1750m. It is a nice getaway offering many winter activities and a relaxing stay to enjoy with your partner.

For more information, contact 03 441 112.

Solem Zaarour – Zaarour

Solem Zaarour is a lovely getaway located in the heart of Zaarour, one of Lebanon’s top ski destinations, offering a tranquil stay with a modern setting and a beautiful view of the surroundings.

For more information, contact 71 686 969.

My Stone Cellar – Douma

Nestled in Douma, My Stone Cellar is an authentic and “historic” guesthouse featured by a 19th-century house with Mediterranean-inspired architecture.

For more inquiries, contact 71 283 485.

Pine House – Ighmid

The Pinehouse is a unique and rustic wooden villa located in Ighmid, located just 10 minutes away from Sawfar.

The place offers a villa, bungalows, and a bonfire to enjoy the winter vibes. Contact 71 125 852 for more information.

Kàràz Guest House – Ehden

You and your loved ones can have a nice stay this wintertime at the Kàràz Guest House in Ehden, a place featured by a lovely setting and gorgeous nature.

The place is also pet friendly. You can contact 76 660 155 for more info.

Snow Hills Hotel – Faqra

Snow Hills Hotel is a warm guesthouse in Faqra, Kfaderbian, where people can escape the city in a family-owned place while overlooking a mesmerizing view over the horizon.

The place is also a pets friendly place. Contact 70 701 520 for more information.

FarmVille – Barouk

FarmVille is a farm located in Barouk where you can stay at their guesthouse and have an eco-experience with your friends while getting warmed up near its iron fireplace and looking at the snow falling!

For more info, contact 76 711 811

La Maison Des Sources – Chouf

Niched near the Chouf Cedar Reserve, La Maison Des Sources is an eco-chic 200-year-old guesthouse offering a nice stay and a relaxing winter view from its 11 cozy bedrooms.

For more info, contact 70 574 308.

Cedar Scent – Niha Cedar Forest

Situated in the middle of the Niha Cedar Forest, Cedar Scent offers a warm experience where you can enjoy a relaxing stay with your partner during the wintertime!

Contact 70 233 511 for more info.

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