14 Hiking Spots In Lebanon That Will Make You Feel You’re Wandering In Paradise

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Lebanon is the perfect destination for amazing day trips, good-vibes beach days, and yes, amazing hiking trails!

From north to south, hiking in Lebanon will give you the ultimate experience to discover beautiful nature, scenic views, breathtaking valleys, and glorious mountains.

These spots are a wonder of nature where hiking will make you feel like you’re wandering in paradise.


Head to the mesmerizing Yahchouch for a wondrous hiking adventure, almost 42 kilometers north of Beirut. You can wander in the area’s forest or along Yahchouch’s many waterfalls and tunnels.


Located in the Jezzine area, Bkassine boasts many hiking trails along with a gorgeous (and biggest) pine forest in the region.

For the ultimate experience, you can walk through the hiking trails between Bkassine and Jezzine and/or Bkassine and Niha.

P.S. the Bkassine village is also one of the Best Tourist Villages In The world.

Bentael Nature Reserve

Situated in Northern Lebanon, the Bentael Nature Reserve is the go-to destination for a fantastic hiking experience with its almost 18 hiking trails, each reconnecting you with its breathtaking nature.

Chouwen Lake

Located in the stunning Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, the Chouwen Lake is one of the top hiking destinations in Lebanon, where you will be able to see the stunning blue lake and mesmerizing scenery.

Qadisha Valley

Qadisha Valley or Wadi Qannoubine is a must-visit destination within the Bsharre and Zgharta Districts.

When hiking in the area, you will also discover the centuries-old historical Christian monasteries!

Mseilha Walkway

Go on a road trip near Batroun to the Mseilha Walkway, a stunning hiking spot, especially suitable for beginner hikers.

The hiking trail is about 12 km to go and the same distance to come back.

Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

Located in the Shouf area, the Shouf Biosphere Reserve is the largest in Lebanon!

The reserve boasts more than 250 km of hiking trails, extending from the highest mountain to the lowest river, reconnecting the hikers with breathtaking nature and amazing experiences!

Tannourine Cedars Reserve

Located in Batroun District, the Tannourine Cedar Reserve boasts large areas of cedar trees.

Being home to amazing biodiversity, the Tannourine Cedar Reserve has also many hiking spots overlooking the reserve’s outstanding valleys.

Chnaniir Nature Reserve

Situated in the Kesserwan District, the mesmerizing Chnaniir Nature Reserve is located on the heights of Chnaniir village and is just a 5 minutes drive from Jounieh.

Overlooking the Jounieh bay and surrounded by amazing landscapes, the hiking trail will let you discover many trees including pine and oak trees.

Ammiq Wetland

Located about an hour and 20 minutes away from Beirut, in West Bekaa, Ammiq Wetland is one of the most picturesque places in Lebanon and one of the most extensive freshwater wetlands in the country.

The hiking adventure will give you the ultimate experience of discovering pine and oak trees, lakes, buffalos, and a fascinating view of the Bekaa Valley.

Falougha Lakes

Located in the Baabda District, Falougha boasts an amazing view along the village’s lakes.

While in Falougha, you can hike through the village’s pine forest and along the trail between Mtein and Falougha to discover breathtaking views.


Located in the Matn District, Baskinta is a breathtaking village to visit in Mount Lebanon.

It has one of the most fascinating trails, offering a 24 kilometers hike through landmarks and several natural spots.

Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

Head to the northern mountains and visit the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve for an exceptional hiking experience. The Horsh Ehden boasts 1700 hectares of public land and is home to unique broadleaf trees.

Chabrouh Dam

Located in Faraya, in the Kesserwan District, the Chabrouh Dam is one of the best places to hike around its stunning lake and enjoy breathtaking views.

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