14 Things Lebanese Drivers Must Stop Doing Right Now

lebanese drivers

Lebanon is well known for its beautiful weather, nice slopes, better beaches and for having terrible drivers. Lebanese drivers are quite notorious for their driving skills (or the lack of). For some odd reason last summer, I decided to take up the challenge and drive in Lebanon for the first time.

I decided to make this list of things I’ve witnessed (and maybe done myself).

14 Things Lebanese Drivers Must Stop Doing

1) Honking way too much

Lebanese drivers have some weird obsession with honking. From the overly annoying taxi drivers, to the honking to let everyone know which political party you’re affiliated with. There’s often an entire conversation going on between drivers.

2) Running red lights

And no, slowly rolling through the red light then speeding up after you pass it doesn’t count as stopping.

3) Road rage

I get waiting in terrible traffic pisses you off, but don’t let it out on other people. And don’t get pissed at people who stop at red lights and are following the laws.

4) Drinking and driving

Seriously, jokes aside, STOP! Way too many people are dying because of this. Take an Uber.

5) Creating their own lanes

When a road has, let’s say 3 lanes, Lebanese drivers shouldn’t take that as a suggestion. And no, driving between the lanes, just because you fit between the cars, doesn’t make it okay.

6) Overtaking other cars

What makes you think it’s okay to overtake a car by going on the lane of the opposite direction? Extra stupid points when you do this on a curve.

7) Speeding

Okay, I admit doing this. It gets tempting going 130-140km/h on the highway at like 3-4am when no one’s on the road BUT don’t. It’s so easy losing control of the car at that speed. And plus, it’s not worth the overly expensive speeding tickets they will mail you later. Need For Speed Lebanon is not a thing.

8) Driving in the wrong direction

For the longest time after moving to Canada, I kept looking both ways before crossing a street.. even when it was a one way street

9) Using wasta to get their driver’s license

Not going to lie, with the way some Lebanese drivers handle a car, I wouldn’t be surprised if most have bought their driver’s license.

10) Parking wherever you want

I’ve literally seen the most absurd parking “spots”. There common one is the double parking on the road. Not only do you cause traffic but you also block the person who actually parked right!

11) Throwing garbage out of your car

Not sure I need to justify this but isn’t there enough garbage on the streets with you throwing more out of your car window?

12) Flashing your lights

Just like honking, Lebanese drivers flash their high beams as a mode of communication. Usually it means get out of the way. It’s a more respectful way than honking.

13) Catcalling from your car

Yelling out and trying to pick up girls while driving around is a big no-no.  La2, il sexy ma bada pepsi and ma fi mina 3a jello.

14) Using your phone while driving

Seriously, stop using your phone while driving! Especially texting! Either wait till you get to your destination or pull over to the side to send the text. It’s not worth risking your life or someone else’s.

Follow YASA and Kunhadi for road safety awareness!

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